Basset Hounds Oklahoma City

Lots of Love!

We have been very busy and having all sorts of fun lately!  January was a great month and February is going along wonderfully as well!  So yay us! 

We had a wonderful trip to The Canebrake in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  What a hidden gem this state has to offer!  LOVED IT!  They are so dog friendly which you know I LOVE!  But if you don’t love dogs it’s not a problem either.  It’s not like they are just running a muck all around the place!  Each morning we were there we woke up fairly early and took our dogs for a long walk….once we reached a certain point in the walk where we weren’t near any other folks or the cabins we took them off their leashes and let them run and they LOVED IT!  One morning I bent over to take Reggie off his leash and Teddy said “WAIT….DON’T DO THAT YET!” and I looked up and there were about 8 deers running across the field we let them run in.  They were just itching to go meet some new friends!  What an experience that would have been!  GEESH….Glad Teddy saw the deer!  Whew!    I took this photo on one of our walks and I love it….All my boys!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 

We have also been spending time with Sloaney and having such a fun time.  She’s such a hoot.  Speaking of nieces and nephews….I get to meet my new nephew Hayes tomorrow!  So excited about this!  I can’t wait to hold him and he will be so sweet and chunky.  All the Spooniest Family babies are chunky….I weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces.  GEESH…my poor mom!  Sloane really loves her Teddy and thinks he is the Cats Meow!  I mean one look at him and she’s melted….it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  


I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials online about everything.  I don’t even need to know how to do half of these things I just enjoy watching people show people how to do things.  I mean the internet is really all one needs to learn how to do most things.  It’s nuts.  I’m nuts….I realize this.  Recently I watched a tutorial on how to make loose curls on one of my favorite blogs WHOORL and this is the result. 

I do look relatively tired in this photo but in my defense I have one of those sleepy faces.  I can be awake for an hour and still look like I just woke up.  This is not a good thing to have if you have an 8 AM meeting and your boss thinks you just rolled out of bed.  ACK! 

I used the clamp curling iron method on my hair but she goes over 2 different ways of obtaining the curls.  I really like her tutorials and pretty much she has the greatest fashion and hair advice/style ever.  Here is the Video Link.  You should try one of the two and tell me what you like best OR you could tell me a whole new way preferably in the video form and I could watch that tutorial as well.  It’s a sickness.

We had the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY ever yesterday!  We just couldn’t have asked for a better day and we didn’t even do much.  Teddy made me his famous lasagna and garlic toast and we went to bed at 9.  I mean we might be on the verge of acting 87 years old and I kinda love it.  Hope you all had a great day too! 



100 calorie breakfast and some other goodies!

Do you all PIN?  I love Pinterest!  I can’t get enough.  With all the social media outlets out there I justify this one solely on the fact that I get useful information from it.  So it doesn’t make me feel so bad to spend 20 minutes or so on it. 

The other day I came across a delicious recipe for breakfast and immediately sent it to Teddy.   I must admit something to you all….Teddy makes me breakfast almost every morning.  He loves to make breakfast!  Or at least I’m pretty sure he does.  He leaves for work an entire hour after I do and that’s just 2 days a week because the others he works from home.  So it’s just easier for him to do the breakfast thing!  I’m trying to justify this….can you tell!  HA! 

The recipe was for a baked egg cup! 

The recipe can be found here!  Didn’t Teddy do a good job on ours?  I was impressed and it was delicious! 

Here is an image from the recipe site….it’s basically ham in a muffin tin, egg inside that, bake, and then sprinkle some cheese on top!  So easy!



My sister Kelly, Sloaney Bear’s Mom, is having another baby and it’s a BOY!  A BOY!  We don’t have a lot of boys in our family so this is big time! I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to see how Sloane acts having a baby brother to boss around.  Goodness gracious this could get fun!   I snapped this picture of Sloane at the party and I’m fairly certain it’s not the first time we (especially Hayes) will see these “eyes”.

Last weekend we celebrated with a baby shower and it was a blast!  Baby Hayes got SO many cute things and is going to be so handsome in all of his cute stuff.  I made sugar cookies with Royal icing for the first time and they turned out super cute.  We also did a wish tree but did a bit of a twist on that and made it more about advice and wishes when raising a boy since Kelly isn’t a first time Mom.  Here are some pics! 

At the end of the shower Kelly had hostess gifts for us….I was so excited to see what mine was!


A basset hound hand stitched pillow!   She found it at a boutique here and I just love it.  I keep showing it to the dogs thinking they might recognize this dog.  I’ve lost my mind.


And speaking of Sloane and my basset hounds…..she LOVES THEM…and they LOVE HER….whew what a relief!   I’m really hopeful they will be just as in love with their very own baby brother/sister one day! 

What a sweet little munchkin!  Love her!


 Hope you all are having a great week!  I’ll be back tomorrow! 

First Things First in 2012….

Go get a basset hound.  You’ll thank me later. 

Yes, we are still here…..welcoming a new year with open arms and a renewed spirit!  Having many great expecations of what 2012 will bring us.  Stay tuned for what I hope to be a more post filled January.  I have SO much to tell you! 

Happy 2012! 

bassets who run…parents who text…and randoms

Recently my friend over at Velcro Dog sent me a link with photos of bassets running.  I was in the floor laughing.  A couple of weeks later we took our bassets to the dog park and I brought along my camera to snap some fast and hopefully funny photos of them running.  They don’t run a whole lot so good thing the camera is quick! 

It’s so disturbing and funny all at the same time!  Complex creatures they are! 


So I’m not sure anyone is EVER going to think the website WHEN PARENTS TEXT is as funny as me….I seriously was laying in my bed this morning at 6:30 AM laughing so hard!  I think it’s so my parents and that’s why it’s so funny to me!  It’s when the parents try to be so cool that I just crack up! 

Here is a sample:


Monday I watched Sloaney Girl and we had a great time!  She is pulling up on things, crawling, and standing pretty much all the time!  Such a sweet girl!  I put her to bed and she did great!  I’m getting pretty good at this…..minus her pulling the baby gate on top of her face. ACK!


I have been thinking about growing my hair out all summer (minus a few trims) and doing Lock Of Love.  Have you ever done this?  Or know someone who has?  It has to be at least 10 inches which right now would make my hair pretty short because I have some random layers going on in there.   What do you think?  It always grows back and it’s for a great cause! 


Have a great weekend and hopefully it’s nice enough to play outside in your neck of the woods!

Basset Babies

When I brought my basset babies home they were in need of some serious TLC.  I washed them and then set them in my laundry basket in the sun. 

And they cuddled and slept. 

Two days ago I took my basset babies to doggie daycare.  They came home.

And they cuddled and slept.  Almost exactly like when they were young pups. 

Talk about siblings and what is most harmonious….I’m thinking these guys are the POSTER PUPS for harmony. 

Check back in at Spooinest tomorrow….I’m going to show you how to make one of these

Because you just never know when you’ll need a cake in the shape of a mustache. 



The Camping Trip

I did not get eaten by a bear….I’m here.  What a crazy last few weeks it has been.  I’m glad to be writing today though. 

The camping trip was a great time.  We made our way to the campsite on Friday around 3 and set up camp….Teddy’s mom snapped a few photos of me setting up the tent and all since it was my first time to have done that.  I love having that documented….and my Mom loved seeing them.  She didn’t believe me that it really happened.  HA! 

Here we are on our way!  There was a lot of stuff and of course the bear dogs had to have somewhere to snooze! 

This is the view from our tent.  It was really serene.  The running water from the creek was amazing.  I loved laying in the tent….so typical of me loving to lay in the bed!  We had a blow up mattress, the dogs bed, and our sleeping bags as covers in the tent….so it’s a really good thing we all like one another!  The dogs actually ended up being valuable in the tent because they kept me warm….they are like little heaters. 

 Here is Teddy and his Dad!  Aren’t they so cute?  Teddy and I were really thankful they were there to experience my first camping trip together and his Mom and Dad love camping so much!  The first night camping was so much fun….we had a steak and potato dinner over the campfire….and wine!  So fun!  No smores but we will remember that next time! 

The dogs did great with the camping.  If another dog was around they would bark a little but just because we had them tied up to a stake in the ground.  They slept so sweetly by the fire and just were happy as peaches!  We saw a bloodhound at the campsite and it’s basically a really big Reggie (my brown basset hound)….so funny!  I had never seen one in person and wanted to dognap it from its tent but Teddy said no. 

The second day/night I wasn’t feeling all that great….honest to goodness just not feeling right.  We stayed at the campsite until dark and then went back to Teddy’s parents to sleep.  I felt pretty bad I spoiled the second night’s sleeping at the campsite but I’m so glad everyone was understanding.  When I got to their house I ran, took a shower, and put on clean pj’s, and went sound asleep!  There is something to say about how fun camping is but man did that shower and bed feel great!  The next morning Teddy and I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to go!  We went to church, hung around the house, had dinner and I still wore some camping plaid I had packed that day to stay in the theme of things! 

Overall it was a great time and I’m hoping next time I do feel better so that I can tough it out two nights!  I really appreciate all that Teddy and his parents did for me to make me feel right at home in the wilderness….I only saw one spider and that was it! 

Just call me a Wilderness Girl!  No Red Feathers ALLOWED!

What I’ve Been Up To….

I’ve been a little MIA haven’t I?  I didn’t even realize how long it had been until I looked at the date of my last post!  Time flies when you are having fun…..or at least staying busy!  To be honest I feel like all summer long we went and went and went and now things are sort of slowing down so I’m just busy doing all the things that I was neglecting on the weekends and otherwise.  Lots of home projects (I’ll post about some)…lots of catching up on work stuff…..but mostly lots of being silly and hanging out with my bear dogs, family, and friends!  Good times folks! 

First off this little lady is just as happy as a peach and makes me just melt every time we hang out.  Teddy and I get to babysit her all alone tomorrow so I’m a little worried about that but I do love hanging out with her so hopefully she will be a real darling and have minimal poopy diapers for us to change.  Did you know that Teddy has never changed a diaper? I mean we better get started on practicing these sorts of things if we are going to have kids at some point!  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with her….

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….we had a party at work to raise money and celebrate the survivors that work amongst us.  We have a couple and their stories are so inspirational.  Yes my shirt says “I love Boobs”. 


 Teddy’s Grandfather gave him his old truck a long time ago but it’s been sitting in Arkansas!  Teddy’s dad has been working really hard to get it running and in good enough shape to get it to us and finally they hauled it over here and we have it now!  Can’t wait to go on some rides with the doggies in the back and fresh produce from the Farmers Market in tow.  Or at least that’s how I imagine it!  HA!  I might even braid my hair in pigtails and wear plaid.  Gotta love a theme! The car is a really special something in our lives and I so appreciate all the hard work it took to get it here!


Just this last weekend we had a party devoted to dips.  Might have been my favorite party to date. I mean the dips were just in full effect and everyone was so happy!  Send me any good dip recipes because I think we’ll have another really soon! 

So the other night I borrowed these glasses from some guy at the local watering hole and took my picture.  I sent the photo to Jesse and said “Look at my new glasses”….she said back that she loved them and that’s what all the JCrew people are wearing.  I was kidding and I think she was trying to sabotage me.  I need to do more research on this.

Well that’s all I have for now.  I hope you all have had a great October!  Halloween is just around the corner…..we are still up in the air on what we are going to be.  We thought about being the dogs but then we though that might be too easy…..people know how obsessed we are with them. 

Are you all getting excited about all the Christmas stuff out?  I know I am!  I honestly can’t wait to start decorating!  FA LA LA LA LA!