I Surrender

When I come home from a day that I never really conquered (do you know those kind?) I know I can count on my guys to make me all better. 

Reggie loves on me and is sweeter than any pie. 

04242009 024

And this one, Deuce, sings to me the sweetest most lovely songs a person could ask for.

lights out 009

Good day or not….I never thought I would love two basset hounds that smell like Fritos and prefer filtered water over tap as much as I do.  They are freaks and don’t even know it…and it’s just lovely.

2 Replies to “I Surrender”

  1. Haley- this really makes me so happy. I am so glad to know someone who appreciates basset hounds as much as I do. We have got to get your boys and my girls together. I have to go 6 weeks w/o seeing them 😦

  2. Oh Mar…I know your girls miss you so much! I would just be beside myself if I had to go that long without a hug and kiss from my guys!
    As soon as we get a chance we must have them meet.
    See you soon!

    Oh and P.S. that email your brother wrote about your dogs was SO funny! I sent it to Teddy and my Mom! They loved it too!

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