Ramp for your Dog? Really?


Leave it to me to get a dog that needs a ramp to be made so he won’t have to climb up and down the stairs.  Lucky for me I was also blessed enough to find the perfect boyfriend that happens to be as handy as Bob Villa from “This Old House”.  Reggie has been having some knee issues and it really leaves him in a lot of pain.  Our vet (who at this point is a part of our family we are there so much) told us that Reggie should not be going up and down stairs.  Basset hounds already have a hard enough time with their short legs so putting that much stress on them everyday is just adding to the problem.  So basically if you need a ramp for your dog send me an email and I’ll have Ben get you the info….if you don’t need a ramp and think it’s nuts we did this then join the club, I’m a paying member.

5 Replies to “Ramp for your Dog? Really?”

  1. Being a Basset I know the short leg syndrome very well but as yet do not need a ramp.I get in the car by putting my front feet on the seat and having the Head of staff boost my rear end.She keeps complaing that,as I regularly jump onto a bank of three feet high in the garden,that I must be able to get in unaided.My view is to get waited on as much as possible.I sulked when she stopped me from drinking out of the pond waterfall so she bought me a drinking fountain instead.I don’t think she would think you are daft although I have seen the vet look at her and shake her head in pity.I have learned that it is very easy to manipulate those you live with.

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