The New “Hot” Fruit – Pineberry and Morse Code

Well well just when we thought nothing else could be trendy….guess what is….FRUIT!   The latest hot fruit….PINEBERRY!

A pineberry is a fruit that looks like a strawberry but tastes like a pineapple.  WOW! 


I can’t really tell you much about a pineberry from personal experience because it seems as if you can’t really get them many places…YET!  But as soon as I find out more and find out where I can get one…I’ll keep you all posted.  I would HATE for you all to fall short on anything TRENDY….espeically the latest & hottest fruits! 


Have you all seen these Morse Code bracelets and necklaces?   I have a friend who has one and I’ve been seeing more and more of them!  They are so neat. 


 It is your name or whatever words/names in morse code on a necklace or bracelet.  I love the concept and what a great conversation piece! 

Dot.  Dot Dot.  Dash.  Dot Dot Dot Dot.  Dash.  Dot.  Dot.

Find all the designer has to offer HERE


Have a great Thursday!  Almost time for a fun weekend…and by FUN I mean I have nothing to do except hang out with Teddy!! 


100 calorie breakfast and some other goodies!

Do you all PIN?  I love Pinterest!  I can’t get enough.  With all the social media outlets out there I justify this one solely on the fact that I get useful information from it.  So it doesn’t make me feel so bad to spend 20 minutes or so on it. 

The other day I came across a delicious recipe for breakfast and immediately sent it to Teddy.   I must admit something to you all….Teddy makes me breakfast almost every morning.  He loves to make breakfast!  Or at least I’m pretty sure he does.  He leaves for work an entire hour after I do and that’s just 2 days a week because the others he works from home.  So it’s just easier for him to do the breakfast thing!  I’m trying to justify this….can you tell!  HA! 

The recipe was for a baked egg cup! 

The recipe can be found here!  Didn’t Teddy do a good job on ours?  I was impressed and it was delicious! 

Here is an image from the recipe site….it’s basically ham in a muffin tin, egg inside that, bake, and then sprinkle some cheese on top!  So easy!



My sister Kelly, Sloaney Bear’s Mom, is having another baby and it’s a BOY!  A BOY!  We don’t have a lot of boys in our family so this is big time! I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to see how Sloane acts having a baby brother to boss around.  Goodness gracious this could get fun!   I snapped this picture of Sloane at the party and I’m fairly certain it’s not the first time we (especially Hayes) will see these “eyes”.

Last weekend we celebrated with a baby shower and it was a blast!  Baby Hayes got SO many cute things and is going to be so handsome in all of his cute stuff.  I made sugar cookies with Royal icing for the first time and they turned out super cute.  We also did a wish tree but did a bit of a twist on that and made it more about advice and wishes when raising a boy since Kelly isn’t a first time Mom.  Here are some pics! 

At the end of the shower Kelly had hostess gifts for us….I was so excited to see what mine was!


A basset hound hand stitched pillow!   She found it at a boutique here and I just love it.  I keep showing it to the dogs thinking they might recognize this dog.  I’ve lost my mind.


And speaking of Sloane and my basset hounds…..she LOVES THEM…and they LOVE HER….whew what a relief!   I’m really hopeful they will be just as in love with their very own baby brother/sister one day! 

What a sweet little munchkin!  Love her!


 Hope you all are having a great week!  I’ll be back tomorrow! 

Who Am I?


I was looking through all my pics from 2011 and I have to say it really was a great year overall.  I could make you a list of all the things I am I suppose.  A daughter, wife, mother to dogs, dog lover, friend, sister, red head…..but this might get pretty boring for you and my mind is so 90 to nothing all the time that it would just get really out of hand and I might mention things that are just better kept to myself.  For your sake not mine.

Something that was fairly new to me in 2011 and now 2012 is that I am a person trying to have a baby.  Gosh that feels good to write.  I don’t even know why!  I think because sometimes I feel like we are trying but are we really TRYING  when all we do is get poked and prodded and we aren’t in the bedroom doing this the au naturale way!  Get my drift?  Ummmm…..this didn’t get started the way I was hoping……Now you have some visuals I’m sure you could have done without!  Sorry about that. 

The truth is that Teddy and I have been trying for about 8 months and a couple of weeks to have a little Teddy or Teddette!  8 months isn’t that long….it really isn’t.  I don’t feel discouraged even writing it to be honest.  What is discouraging is that for those 8 months my body has been ready and able to have a baby 1 of those months.  I have taken the meds, pee’d on the sticks, done the headstands, made the deals with God, and still my body only ovulated ONCE.  ONE TIME.   For someone who really does have this sense of urgency even when picking up my dry cleaning this has been a real struggle for me.  I’m the kind of gal that likes to see results from something immediately if not sooner or I just get really irritated.  Yes, I do realize I will have to be pregnant for 9 months and believe you ME I’ve sat here and thought how I will want to get that baby out of me and start the fun right away!  I also recently had to get the Chicken Pox vaccine.  Yes I had to get a 1-year-old vaccine.  I mean there has been a lot of just real eye-opening things during this process.  Looking back for the short 8 months it’s been quite the ride….and we’re still on it hopefully making some headway. 

I have felt things in the last 8 months I never even knew existed AND they haven’t all been bad.  I have learned a lot about myself and others in this struggle/process and I am so thankful for that.  Sometimes this is the reason why I didn’t blog as much….I really didn’t know what to say or how to say it….or I thought I’ll blog about it and then people will judge me for being too open about my life.  But I tell you this now because this is part of my story right now.  It’s part of who I am but it’s not WHO I AM.  I will be a Mom one day but I won’t always be someone trying to be a Mom.   Sometimes life changes therefore changing who you are but you are always really YOU and the beauty of being YOU is that NO ONE else can do it. 

First Things First in 2012….

Go get a basset hound.  You’ll thank me later. 

Yes, we are still here…..welcoming a new year with open arms and a renewed spirit!  Having many great expecations of what 2012 will bring us.  Stay tuned for what I hope to be a more post filled January.  I have SO much to tell you! 

Happy 2012! 

Quakenados & A conversation

We have had 4 earthquakes in Oklahoma City and last night they were accompanied by their good pal Tornadoes!  Seriously!?!?  Is someone just messing with me!  I’ve had it!  I’m a total mess when I’m anxious..I pace and walk around….except however in the event of an earthquake because I found out last night if you are in bed just to stay there and cover your head.  Done and Done.  I stayed in bed all night.  Wish I was there now.

–Yes, Most people feel very sorry for Teddy if that’s what you are asking yourself right now.


Today I went to Buy For Less to grab some lunch.  I am 80 years old and eat at the grocery store. 

When I was standing in line to check out this elderly man was near me and he looked scruffy and had a back pack and to be honest he looked homeless.  I then admired how many packs of M&M’s he was buying and he said that they were MUCH cheaper at Buy for Less than on the Greyhound.  I responded with “like the bus?”….NO THE DOG YOU IDIOT!  And he said “Yes, I ride the bus all over the country…just something to do”  I asked him what the country was like and where his favorite place was and what he thinks about Oklahoma.  We talked for a while because the little lady in front of us couldn’t work the debit card machine.  Fancy things.  As I was walking off I told him it was great talking to him and he said likewise.  I saw him walking out and when I drove by he was sitting next to a trashcan eating his lunch and M&M’s (hopefully just one pack at a time) and my heart sunk.  I thought to myself so many different things right then. 

The truth is this guy could have been a drug addict or he could have been sober his whole life.  He could have no kids or 24.  He could be from Ohio.  I have no idea.  What resonated with me most was I could have been the ONE and ONLY conversation he has all day.  Sometimes in life we forget that some people just want to say something….to have friendships….to tell their STORY.  We may not all have beautiful homes to live in, food to eat, and a bed to sleep in…..but we ALL have a STORY to tell. 

As the holiday season approaches I am going to make an effort to make sure I listen more and talk less….especially to the needy and hurting.  This guy changed my day today….and I hope I did his too.

Felt Rosette Wreath – DIY

The fall wreath.  I’ve never really even thought about wanting one or having a fall wreath which is just crazy for me seeing as how I love a craft….but for some reason this year I’ve been all about it. I’ve looked ALL over the place for one.  Our front door gets direct sunlight so I knew we couldn’t do anything that would be living or fade really horribly.  So in my search online I saw a photo of a wreath on Etsy….and because I am the instant gratification sort of chick I couldn’t wait for the shipping and it looked fairly easy so I just decided to give it a try myself. 

You should try it too…it’s super easy!

The supplies –


twig wreath from craft store….they come in all shapes and sizes – the one I chose was $3.99

hot glue

felt – at my craft store these come in 8.5 x 10 pieces and are $.25 a sheet….pretty darn cheap!

Step 1:  Cut your felt sheets into half.  The half-size is a bigger flower…..then you can go from there one what size you want. 

 Step 2:  Cut the half sheet in a spiral.  Like a circle spiral.  Round and Round and Round.  Does that make sense?  Do I need a photo of what I’m talking about? 

Step 3:  Roll up the spiral pieces.  Hold the piece like I have it in the second photo and it’s a lot easier.  You are just going to keep rolling it up…and rolling it up. 

Step 4:  Take the final piece of the spiral strip and glue it to the back of the flower.  It should fit just right. 

Step 5:  If you have a weird larger piece (black flower photo) and you want to make the petal look better than just cut it.

Step 6:  Cut out green leaves from the green felt.  Funny part on this is that I had to have Teddy do this part for me….I could NOT for the life  of me cut a darn leaf! 

Step 7:  Arrange them and glue them on the wreath!  VOILA! 

A good tutorial I looked at beforehand was this one!  She has better photos too…and prettier hands!  HA! 

The biggest thing for me was that I had to play with it for a minute or two before I got the way I liked the rosette to look.  Then it was smooth sailing from there!

Happy Wreath Making!  Here is a larger one that I made!  Super fun! 

Summer Recap

– Summer 2011 –

Well lets start with the no good…bad….and just down right ugly….then we have nowhere to go but up!  I burnt my hand, fell down some stairs busting my face to pieces and breaking my nose, and my office ceiling tiles fell on my head spewing hundreds of gallons of antifreeze on me and my office….Daria assures me that things come in threes and I’m due for some relief from the weird and bad things happening.  And lets just be real honest if these three things are the worst of it I would say I’m pretty blessed.

Next up….Trips!  We went on a few trips this summer.  Our 1 year anniversary we spent in Taos and Santa Fe.  We also attending a wedding in the gorgeous Castle Pines, Colorado!  Some relief from the hot scorching summer heat of Oklahoma!  

 Miss Sloane and I had a wonderful summer hanging out and being awesome!  She’s changed so much over the last few months…She loves to walk, she can bark like a puppy, and she loves to take naps on my shoulder. 

And then of course the random fun stuff we had going on!  For 4th of July I made a fascinator headpiece out of paper flowers and a Patriotic 7 layer dip….it was an interesting 4th of July to say the least.  We cooked a lot.  I slept in a lot, read magazines, enjoyed our marital bliss….

I hope your summer was fantastic! 

Welcome, Fall….make yourself comfy and  stay a while!