I now interrupt the regularly scheduled summer break

To tell you that I….

Just lost 2.64 pounds walking from my office to my car because it’s so hot here!  I mean seriously Mama Nature…what gives!?  It’s like walking in a sauna….in a sauna being blow dried at the same time!  Now does that sound fun!?!?!?

I’m not a summer person….I’m a fall person.  I hate shorts (haven’t worn or owned a pair in about 8 years), I hate skin cancer (had that twice), and my favorite piece of clothing is a cardigan(I have one on today with sequins on it)….now does that sound like someone who wants to be living in this heat dome?  What is a heat dome anyway?! 

The other day they said a cold front was coming in and I broke out the cardigan to find out that by cold front they meant 99 degrees and not 100!  Get real people…I can’t live like this!  I can’t!  The other day I literally said these words to Teddy…while curled up in the fetal position because I had nothing to wear that would keep me cool and also make me feel/look pretty….

“It’s just too hot to live”

And then I let out a big sigh….and then we both started cracking up! 

I can’t predict the future (although I do think I am sometimes telepathic) but if this is what the future holds for this great state…I might have to purchase a summer home in cardigan friendly temps. 

Hope you’re having a fabulous summer and although this post does sound rather dramatic…my summer is great!  Fabulous family and friends and of course those crazy bear dogs….who by the way HATE this heat too.  Just like their Momma…they look best in a argyle cardigan.


Confirmation of my Faith

I was confirmed on Saturday, Easter Vigil, as a Catholic.  Teddy and his family have always been Catholics and I had really come to enjoy the faith and decided to join my husband’s faith so we would be a family unit.  This included classes every Tuesday for 8 months, meeting a lot of great people who were also going through the class, but most of all diving right into a new faith with complete intrigue. 

A few days before my confirmation Ric, Teddy’s father sent me this email.  I wanted to share it with you all because it’s a wonderful email and I think everyone can appreciate his valuable words.


Haley, I wanted to drop you a short line to congratulate your “doggedness” in learning the Catholic faith.

You & Ben have developed a strong personal relationship.  In all Christian churches, the key is developing a strong personal relationship with another guy — Jesus.  He wanted us to be one.

As Catholics we give good example and help each other on our journey.

We believe when we get to heaven, Jesus will first ask us “who did you bring with you?”, it not just saving your own butt.

There is always doubt, Mother Theresa wrote of her doubt.  We have faith to see reality beyond the physical senses.  It is not scientific truth like the law of gravity and not beyond reasonable doubt like the courtroom.

All faith communities are a compass to the “wisdom of the ages” to lead an unbroken life for you, your husband, & your kids — honor God, respect others, don’t kill, steal, lie, love your spouse more each day, don’t desire foolish stuff, be meek, comfort the suffering cause we all need help.

Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride.

Love always — Dad Ric


Going through the classes, watching my marriage grow in ways I never imagined because of it, and really putting my faith in a new perspective has been amazing.  Something I’ll never forget.  Ever.  Thank you to those who have helped me, welcomed me, and supported me.

DIY- Mustache Cake

You just never ever know when a mustache cake might come in handy.  I think it could be used really at any occasion because it’s really hysterical and people laugh when they see one and when people laugh they are happy and who doesn’t love a happy party?!?!

When I first took charge of the mustache cake I was a little weary and originally thought I would call my local baker friend who can whip things like this up pretty quick….and then I got to the research machine AKA Google and come to find out there wasn’t a whole lot out there but I added together some ideas found and made my own masterpiece! 

First you are going to need a round cake pan.  I used a spring loaded one that you would normally use a cheese cake in (bc that’s all had at the moment).  I used a box cake mix.  You will have to bake the cake about 10-15 minutes longer than what the box calls for because the box calls for 2 8 inch rounds and you are just going to make 1 8 or 9 inch rounds for this size stache. 

When the cake is done baking.  Let it cool.  We put the cake on a cooling rack and in the fridge. 

Take it out and cut the cake in a YING YANG shape.  First make a small cut with a paring knife.  When you get your ying yang just right then take a very sharp knife (not a bread knife) and cut it to the bottom of the cake.

We then took a flat cookie sheet and covered it in fun wrapping paper.  I happened to have this wood grain looking paper I used that was perfect.  Then we laid down strips of wax paper….you’ll see why we chose strips in a minute.

Then lay the cake on the top of the strips of wax paper.  We secured the cake with skewers we cut in half by going diagonal from the top of where your nose would be if this was your big giant stache.  You can actually make the points go up or down….depending on what you like. 

We then got to icing.  If you have a crumb brush it’s a great idea to run that over the crumb parts of the cake so when you are icing you don’t get all clumped up.   The reason we did strips of wax paper is because we could just pull each out instead of having to do an entire piece of wax paper.  This part was the scariest so make sure you have someone with two spoons or spatulas holding the mustache as another is pulling out the wax paper. 

We then took the side of our icing utensil and made whisker looking things.  At this point you are going to wish you could put it on your face it’s so fun.

Wha-LA!  A mustache cake!

You could use a smaller cake pan too.  I was even thinking about trying this same technique with cupcakes!  Mini-stache cakes.  HEHEHEH!

Have a great Tuesday and happy baking!  Even if it’s not a mustache……but it totally should be.

Basset Babies

When I brought my basset babies home they were in need of some serious TLC.  I washed them and then set them in my laundry basket in the sun. 

And they cuddled and slept. 

Two days ago I took my basset babies to doggie daycare.  They came home.

And they cuddled and slept.  Almost exactly like when they were young pups. 

Talk about siblings and what is most harmonious….I’m thinking these guys are the POSTER PUPS for harmony. 

Check back in at Spooinest tomorrow….I’m going to show you how to make one of these

Because you just never know when you’ll need a cake in the shape of a mustache. 



The Camping Trip

I did not get eaten by a bear….I’m here.  What a crazy last few weeks it has been.  I’m glad to be writing today though. 

The camping trip was a great time.  We made our way to the campsite on Friday around 3 and set up camp….Teddy’s mom snapped a few photos of me setting up the tent and all since it was my first time to have done that.  I love having that documented….and my Mom loved seeing them.  She didn’t believe me that it really happened.  HA! 

Here we are on our way!  There was a lot of stuff and of course the bear dogs had to have somewhere to snooze! 

This is the view from our tent.  It was really serene.  The running water from the creek was amazing.  I loved laying in the tent….so typical of me loving to lay in the bed!  We had a blow up mattress, the dogs bed, and our sleeping bags as covers in the tent….so it’s a really good thing we all like one another!  The dogs actually ended up being valuable in the tent because they kept me warm….they are like little heaters. 

 Here is Teddy and his Dad!  Aren’t they so cute?  Teddy and I were really thankful they were there to experience my first camping trip together and his Mom and Dad love camping so much!  The first night camping was so much fun….we had a steak and potato dinner over the campfire….and wine!  So fun!  No smores but we will remember that next time! 

The dogs did great with the camping.  If another dog was around they would bark a little but just because we had them tied up to a stake in the ground.  They slept so sweetly by the fire and just were happy as peaches!  We saw a bloodhound at the campsite and it’s basically a really big Reggie (my brown basset hound)….so funny!  I had never seen one in person and wanted to dognap it from its tent but Teddy said no. 

The second day/night I wasn’t feeling all that great….honest to goodness just not feeling right.  We stayed at the campsite until dark and then went back to Teddy’s parents to sleep.  I felt pretty bad I spoiled the second night’s sleeping at the campsite but I’m so glad everyone was understanding.  When I got to their house I ran, took a shower, and put on clean pj’s, and went sound asleep!  There is something to say about how fun camping is but man did that shower and bed feel great!  The next morning Teddy and I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to go!  We went to church, hung around the house, had dinner and I still wore some camping plaid I had packed that day to stay in the theme of things! 

Overall it was a great time and I’m hoping next time I do feel better so that I can tough it out two nights!  I really appreciate all that Teddy and his parents did for me to make me feel right at home in the wilderness….I only saw one spider and that was it! 

Just call me a Wilderness Girl!  No Red Feathers ALLOWED!

Remodel/Makeover – The Bathroom

Our house is old.  It was built in 1935 and we love it.  With its age comes some very enchanting things you have to get used to.  I won’t go into all of them because we would be here a while plus I’m sure you all can imagine or have yourself lived in an older home at one point.  The one thing that cracks me up about old houses is when you peel back one layer of the old wall paper or you take off a mirror in a bathroom you see years and sometimes layers of many makeovers/remodels.  Era’s of what was cool, what was never cool, and I’m sure many fun times had by other families as they made the rooms look like they would like! 

I have lived here for 2 years and Teddy for 4 years and out of all of those years the worst part of our house was the dreaded bathroom.  I can’t imagine, no matter the era, what ANYONE was thinking when they decided on the old decor but you know to each their own! 

So without further ado….


So now you know why I might have had a tiny problem with it!  HA!  When I first moved in, I’m ashamed to say, I was nervous to have people over because of how it looked! ACK! 

That note behind the mirror reads something pretty funny and Teddy and I always wonder “If it was such a biatch to remodel then why did you pick such ugly stuff!” HA!  That’s horrible I know!   The rebath was so bulky and really took up some room in the bathtub/shower area, the floor and the lovely green tile all over the place was just ugly beyond words, the color of the walls was greens as well, so needless to say it was very ‘mossy’.   Not something you want to think of when you are entering the place where you shower!  HA!

So this Christmas Teddy and I purchased a new bathroom for one another as our gifts.  We also did stockings but the bathroom was the best present I’ve ever received by far! 

What a difference! 

The After:


This is the new mirror and the new glass towel/stuff holder.  We purchased the mirror at Garden Ridge….so pretty good price there! 

We kept the existing white vanity, the existing toilet, and the existing light fixture….but we moved it up about 6 inches.  Teddy also put up crown molding up top to finish off the look.  The new color on the walls is Behr Dolphin Fin.  I have been a gray freak lately.  I love it!  Such a nice backdrop for everything.

My favorite part is the new floor.  That mossy green went bye bye for good!  The plant on the back of the toilet is an Orchid however the blooms fell off.  It lived for a while and after reading up on it I think it will bloom again!  I hope anyway!

And the new shower/bath!  All new tile and SO MUCH BIGGER because that big bulky rebath is gonzo!  I love it! 

A lot of the major remodeling was done by contractors but we (as in Teddy) did the demo of the old stuff, the painting, crown molding, decorating, etc. 

I’ve also been busy redecorating the bedroom, living room, and dining room….I’ll do my best to show you all those changes too!  I think it took me a while to get my own style of decorating down because my sister and I lived together until she bought her own house and got married several years ago….so even as an adult I just let her and my Mom do all the decorating and stayed quiet!  Not that there was anything wrong with how they decorate but it is fun having my own style finally.  I would say my style is modern/vintage…..I love antiques and new pieces to be in the same room….I’m not all about one room looking REAL modern or REAL vintage….I love the mix of both. 

The thing I will remember about remodeling the bathroom the most is that Ben’s 30th Surprise Birthday party was at our house 1 week after the bathroom was done with the bulk of remodel however we still had to paint, find the mirror, etc.  So I was freaking out about getting it finished but couldn’t tell him why….so I was a nervous wreck about the bathroom and just generally throwing someone a surprise party….which btw ANXIETY ATTACK!  GEESH!  Overall it was a fun time for both of us and our house is better from it!

Dear 18 year old Spooniest,

I saw a post on another blog that I thought was very cool.  It was such a good idea that I thought I would do my own twist on it…..

Dear Young Spooniest,

You don’t even know what spooniest means because you don’t even know what a blog is but you will…don’t you worry my dear.  You’ll spend hours upon hours basically stalking other people through what is called a “blog”…not a clog like a shoe but a blog. 

Life is much different now almost entering your 30’s.  You’re life will change dramatically in the years to come!  You make a career out of a job you thought you were going to suck at and hate, you lose friends, you make new ones, you get married, you deal with loss and heart ache, you have some pretty rough times, but you come out on top! 

Some tips I feel I should give you now:

–  Listen really well in any type of computer class.  Those things are all the rage now and you really need to know what’s going on! 

–  Enjoy every single road trip, party, sleep over, shopping spree, tub of ice cream, glass of wine and otherwise with your girlfriends!  

Some will go but some will stay forever and ever….and you will learn that it’s not about quantity but quality with friends.

– Try harder in school.  You are actually pretty smart no matter what you think about yourself you just need to apply yourself harder!  YOU CAN DO IT! 

–  Don’t ever forget that friends come and go but family is forever…spend more time with your Grandparents….they won’t be around forever.  You will regret it otherwise….trust me.  Call you parents more!  They miss you and one day you will miss them!   JUST CALL!

–  Stop caring so much what other people think!  You’re AWESOME!

–  Stop letting Mom dress you for things.  It hasn’t worked so far and believe me it doesn’t in the future. 

This gold number she convinced you to wear around people you didn’t even know…it has shoulder pads….those weren’t cool.

–  Take care of your body better!  You don’t have the best genes young lady and you need to put down the Krispy Creme’s and Cheetos and maybe opt for an apple or something else pretty gross.  WORK OUT!  You really do love it…don’t stop loving it….or you’ll hate it….again trust me on this one! 

–  I’ll just tell you now……You will get melanoma (that’s skin cancer)….and it’s really scary and not worth all the pain and suffering…..so just stay out of the SUN!   

–  Pray consciously everyday.  What I mean by that is really connect and have a real understanding of what your prayers mean to you. …basically don’t just pray about fitting into a smaller size of “7” jeans….prayer is powerful for you now and will continue to be one of your daily routines!  

–  Keep your sisters and Mom close to you.  You will rely on them a lot in the coming years.  They sort of complete the puzzle when things start to feel like they are falling apart.

  –  That tatoo you think is a good idea….well it’s not.  So don’t do it!

–  I won’t tell you all the amazing things about the boy who ends up making you the happiest person ever….but I’ll tell you this…let go of all the ones who didn’t and just pray for the right one…he DOES come along. 

–  Continue loving puppies….it never stops feeling rewarding!  In fact…this guy your holding…well today is his birthday and his brothers….yep that’s right you have TWO furry children and you couldn’t be happier.  Who cares about all the people who think you are crazy for loving dogs as much as you do….IT MAKES YOU HAPPY and that is what counts!

Don’t forget to have fun….but also don’t forget to live in the present….enjoy being young and vibrant…stop to remember what your hot body feels like….laugh more and worry less….life is good and it just gets better! 


The older Spooniest