Lots of Love!

We have been very busy and having all sorts of fun lately!  January was a great month and February is going along wonderfully as well!  So yay us! 

We had a wonderful trip to The Canebrake in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  What a hidden gem this state has to offer!  LOVED IT!  They are so dog friendly which you know I LOVE!  But if you don’t love dogs it’s not a problem either.  It’s not like they are just running a muck all around the place!  Each morning we were there we woke up fairly early and took our dogs for a long walk….once we reached a certain point in the walk where we weren’t near any other folks or the cabins we took them off their leashes and let them run and they LOVED IT!  One morning I bent over to take Reggie off his leash and Teddy said “WAIT….DON’T DO THAT YET!” and I looked up and there were about 8 deers running across the field we let them run in.  They were just itching to go meet some new friends!  What an experience that would have been!  GEESH….Glad Teddy saw the deer!  Whew!    I took this photo on one of our walks and I love it….All my boys!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 

We have also been spending time with Sloaney and having such a fun time.  She’s such a hoot.  Speaking of nieces and nephews….I get to meet my new nephew Hayes tomorrow!  So excited about this!  I can’t wait to hold him and he will be so sweet and chunky.  All the Spooniest Family babies are chunky….I weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces.  GEESH…my poor mom!  Sloane really loves her Teddy and thinks he is the Cats Meow!  I mean one look at him and she’s melted….it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  


I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials online about everything.  I don’t even need to know how to do half of these things I just enjoy watching people show people how to do things.  I mean the internet is really all one needs to learn how to do most things.  It’s nuts.  I’m nuts….I realize this.  Recently I watched a tutorial on how to make loose curls on one of my favorite blogs WHOORL and this is the result. 

I do look relatively tired in this photo but in my defense I have one of those sleepy faces.  I can be awake for an hour and still look like I just woke up.  This is not a good thing to have if you have an 8 AM meeting and your boss thinks you just rolled out of bed.  ACK! 

I used the clamp curling iron method on my hair but she goes over 2 different ways of obtaining the curls.  I really like her tutorials and pretty much she has the greatest fashion and hair advice/style ever.  Here is the Video Link.  You should try one of the two and tell me what you like best OR you could tell me a whole new way preferably in the video form and I could watch that tutorial as well.  It’s a sickness.

We had the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY ever yesterday!  We just couldn’t have asked for a better day and we didn’t even do much.  Teddy made me his famous lasagna and garlic toast and we went to bed at 9.  I mean we might be on the verge of acting 87 years old and I kinda love it.  Hope you all had a great day too! 



The Camping Trip

I did not get eaten by a bear….I’m here.  What a crazy last few weeks it has been.  I’m glad to be writing today though. 

The camping trip was a great time.  We made our way to the campsite on Friday around 3 and set up camp….Teddy’s mom snapped a few photos of me setting up the tent and all since it was my first time to have done that.  I love having that documented….and my Mom loved seeing them.  She didn’t believe me that it really happened.  HA! 

Here we are on our way!  There was a lot of stuff and of course the bear dogs had to have somewhere to snooze! 

This is the view from our tent.  It was really serene.  The running water from the creek was amazing.  I loved laying in the tent….so typical of me loving to lay in the bed!  We had a blow up mattress, the dogs bed, and our sleeping bags as covers in the tent….so it’s a really good thing we all like one another!  The dogs actually ended up being valuable in the tent because they kept me warm….they are like little heaters. 

 Here is Teddy and his Dad!  Aren’t they so cute?  Teddy and I were really thankful they were there to experience my first camping trip together and his Mom and Dad love camping so much!  The first night camping was so much fun….we had a steak and potato dinner over the campfire….and wine!  So fun!  No smores but we will remember that next time! 

The dogs did great with the camping.  If another dog was around they would bark a little but just because we had them tied up to a stake in the ground.  They slept so sweetly by the fire and just were happy as peaches!  We saw a bloodhound at the campsite and it’s basically a really big Reggie (my brown basset hound)….so funny!  I had never seen one in person and wanted to dognap it from its tent but Teddy said no. 

The second day/night I wasn’t feeling all that great….honest to goodness just not feeling right.  We stayed at the campsite until dark and then went back to Teddy’s parents to sleep.  I felt pretty bad I spoiled the second night’s sleeping at the campsite but I’m so glad everyone was understanding.  When I got to their house I ran, took a shower, and put on clean pj’s, and went sound asleep!  There is something to say about how fun camping is but man did that shower and bed feel great!  The next morning Teddy and I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to go!  We went to church, hung around the house, had dinner and I still wore some camping plaid I had packed that day to stay in the theme of things! 

Overall it was a great time and I’m hoping next time I do feel better so that I can tough it out two nights!  I really appreciate all that Teddy and his parents did for me to make me feel right at home in the wilderness….I only saw one spider and that was it! 

Just call me a Wilderness Girl!  No Red Feathers ALLOWED!

Tuesday Tuesday

So every year on the first weekend of December the girls in my family take a trip to THE BIG D!  That’s Dallas, Texas Y’ALL!  Although I love love love my city/state we might be lacking in the shopping department just a tad (although we are getting more and more as the days go by and I just can’t handle all the excitement) (sorry about that outburst). 

When we go we are mainly going because we love the ride down with our Starbucks and my Mom always makes these cheese and sausage balls for breakfast and lately other ladies have been adding to the mix of snacks on the way down as well….they are all delicious.  I’m getting off track. 

I really do love getting to spend time with the ladies in my family I don’t see as often and we always listen to Christmas music!  SO FUN!  The ladies in our family from the South meet us there and my Aunt JB lives there.  She’s the best part of the whole trip….she makes me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe.  I love people like that.  What a special gift! 

So today when I was thinking about this years trip I started to think about all the shops I get to visit that I don’t normally get to.  What I normally do is get online, find the things I love, and then just dream about them until I’m purchasing! 

My first stop online The Container Store.  My first love for this store is their wrapping paper and other gift storage ideas.  My other love….their GIANT “stocking stuffer” selection!  Here are just a few that I’ll be putting on my list!

Carry your hot to go cup in style….my sister will love this! 

Jesse can attest to loving this retro ice bag!  Might as well look chic if you have a boo boo!

I am often buying food and then not eating it because I don’t realize that it’s time is coming up!  These little babies make my problem disappear….all I have to do is look in the fridge and these things will tell me how many days I have to eat something before it goes bad.  You can also use them to track when to water plants and change the air filter!  Teddy will love something like this….if he knew something to eat would be going bad in one day he would BE ALL OVER THAT item whipping something up!  He hates to WASTE! 

Well that’s all I have for you today….but you should check out the fun things too!  Also take a look at their awesome wrapping paper….oh I can’t wait to wrap some presents!

Montage…what a fun word

In no particular order here are the happenings of my life while on my hiatus. 

–  Did you know people race lawn mowers in El Reno?  No?  Join the club!  Daria’s fiance is racing them and we went to watch and had the BEST time ever!  I mean you couldn’t ask for a more American feeling.  Not only was there grass car (that’s the official name, duh) races going on but there was a fair and the town rodeo.  All within a square mile.  The smell of fried foods was a whipping in the wind folks. 

Below is Canes Sauce.  Have you ever eaten at a Raising Canes?  The best chicken fingers in the world and the best dipping sauce in the world….and I might be an official dipping sauce expert.  The only one near OKC is in Norman.  I went to the first OU game in Norman with my sister and not that I don’t love spending time with her in that lovely town (can you hear the sarcasm about the town not my sister)….but the chicken and sauce was sooooo great and might have been my favorite part about the game/town.  Love you Kell!

This is Sloane in her VERY FIRST CARDIGAN!  I love a cardigan and I just know she will too! 

Fantasy Football draft kicked off.  Teddy and some fellas came over for a draft party….hey guys cool laptops!  Big ol’ NERDS! 

We got a new bed.  A new headboard.  It’s a king size.  It’s amazing.  I like to lay in it. 

We visited Teddy’s parents.  Their house is so warm and parent feeling.  This is the bench and pillows in their guest room.  It just reminds me of a “mom”…and that’s always a good feeling.

We celebrated Danny’s big 30 with the B.B. King concert!  Super fun and jazzy.  I have Pretty friends!

I went to Austin for work.  It was a successful and fun trip however the hotel seemed to have a lot of channels that played Mr. Rogers.  I never realized how creepy that show is until now.  I mean when I was little I loved it when the king and Mr. Rogers had chats and the mailman came by…this time I just wanted my Mom.

In celebration of football season starting I organized “SpiritWeek” at work.  Everyday we had or did something super fun!  This day was hat day!  Represent, YO!

And finally I did a lot of this.  I put down my computer, my phone, with my TV off and I loved on my bear dogs and husband.  I just have the most blessed life….and I don’t want to miss a beat! 

Not everything that happened to cause or during the hiatus was fun…..but that’s life.  Sometimes life hands me lemons and I want to pelt people with them…..and sometimes it’s just not fair….but when I look back over time I can see just how blessed I really am.  I am no stranger to tough times but I am REALLY starting to realize that I learn a lesson from each!   Maybe making a montage is the best way to realize just how much fun life is.  YAY MONTAGES….you’re a happy thing!

searching for ben

On my bach party in the beautiful town of Ruidoso, NM we were surrounded by all things fun and pretty!  Pretty jewelry, pretty scenery, pretty beer…oh wait.  Hmm..back on track. 

One of the things that was plentiful was the bear sightings…..they were everywhere!

Okay so they were fake bears but they were all over the place and I knew I  HAD TO HAVE ONE! 

I knew when the bear and I met it would be “right”.  I didn’t want to get any ol’ bear….and by ol’ bear I mean at a place where they were jacking up the prices!  So we were off on our search! 

In the search I couldn’t find Age to save my life….well I finally did and she had met someone. 

Clearly she was delusional….this was my bach party!  I was supposed to get all the attention. 

So I stole her man.

He liked me way more….I mean look at his hand on my leg!  DUH!

Once we made out and confessed our love for one another the girls and I were off to the next spot to find a bear! 

And that we did.  We found the perfect bear, named him Ben, and took him all the way home with us.  Occasionally we would check on him to make sure he wasn’t suffocating in the plastic wrap and wasn’t hungry.  He made it without a problem and looks great in his new spot!

Oh the irony….I call Ben (the human) Teddy and the new bear Ben.  Too much!

Twenty 09….Part One


My dogs turned 1!  They had a riot at their party!


Teddy built a ramp for our dogs.  They love it.  Everyday. 



Our first batch of beer was ready for us to drink and man was it delish!  Still my favorite batch so far!


My sister Kelly and I actually went out together for her bach party.  It was riot and now she knows why she doesn’t go out with me



I went public with Teddy’s resemblence to Teddy Ruxpin.



My sister got hitched!


I wrote Spring a letter and we made truce.  It feels much better.



We celebrated Age’s bach party in Tulsa!  Whooo..that was a doozy on the ol’ liver.  Most. Fun. Ever.


We went to Charleston, SC for vacation


And to watch Kelsey and Tom get hitched!


Teddy renovated our backyard



Age and Dave got married….it was a beautiful day! Photo provided by:  Josh McCullock Photography

Second batch of beer was ready!  Delish again….we’re getting good at this!

Beer 011

We made our first batch of bagels!  Mine were better than Teddy’s but nobody’s keeping tabs.  Except for me.

Bagels 036


I discovered that I was a cross dresser when I was little.  Thanks, Mom.


I turned 27 and GOT ENGAGED! (Em..don’t comment on the pinky nail)

My Birthday Engagement Time 017

Rocky Mountain High with Looooveee!

So the third part of my vacation post is:  JESSE IS ENGAGED!

I couldn’t be happier about all of this….it will be so fun!  One thing that Jesse has proclaimed for sometime now is that she doesn’t like the super cheesiness of engagement pictures….which is sort of ironic because she is one of the cheesiest humans I’ve ever encountered. 

So in all my sneakiness behind my Nikon I shot a few of her and Danny in Minturn, CO when we went on our adventure….

I would consider these photos to be:

Candid – Cheesy – Engagement….SO HA Jesse….I gotcha! 

I love you and I’m so happy for you I could just cry!