Oklahoma Food

Lots of Love!

We have been very busy and having all sorts of fun lately!  January was a great month and February is going along wonderfully as well!  So yay us! 

We had a wonderful trip to The Canebrake in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  What a hidden gem this state has to offer!  LOVED IT!  They are so dog friendly which you know I LOVE!  But if you don’t love dogs it’s not a problem either.  It’s not like they are just running a muck all around the place!  Each morning we were there we woke up fairly early and took our dogs for a long walk….once we reached a certain point in the walk where we weren’t near any other folks or the cabins we took them off their leashes and let them run and they LOVED IT!  One morning I bent over to take Reggie off his leash and Teddy said “WAIT….DON’T DO THAT YET!” and I looked up and there were about 8 deers running across the field we let them run in.  They were just itching to go meet some new friends!  What an experience that would have been!  GEESH….Glad Teddy saw the deer!  Whew!    I took this photo on one of our walks and I love it….All my boys!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 

We have also been spending time with Sloaney and having such a fun time.  She’s such a hoot.  Speaking of nieces and nephews….I get to meet my new nephew Hayes tomorrow!  So excited about this!  I can’t wait to hold him and he will be so sweet and chunky.  All the Spooniest Family babies are chunky….I weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces.  GEESH…my poor mom!  Sloane really loves her Teddy and thinks he is the Cats Meow!  I mean one look at him and she’s melted….it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  


I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials online about everything.  I don’t even need to know how to do half of these things I just enjoy watching people show people how to do things.  I mean the internet is really all one needs to learn how to do most things.  It’s nuts.  I’m nuts….I realize this.  Recently I watched a tutorial on how to make loose curls on one of my favorite blogs WHOORL and this is the result. 

I do look relatively tired in this photo but in my defense I have one of those sleepy faces.  I can be awake for an hour and still look like I just woke up.  This is not a good thing to have if you have an 8 AM meeting and your boss thinks you just rolled out of bed.  ACK! 

I used the clamp curling iron method on my hair but she goes over 2 different ways of obtaining the curls.  I really like her tutorials and pretty much she has the greatest fashion and hair advice/style ever.  Here is the Video Link.  You should try one of the two and tell me what you like best OR you could tell me a whole new way preferably in the video form and I could watch that tutorial as well.  It’s a sickness.

We had the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY ever yesterday!  We just couldn’t have asked for a better day and we didn’t even do much.  Teddy made me his famous lasagna and garlic toast and we went to bed at 9.  I mean we might be on the verge of acting 87 years old and I kinda love it.  Hope you all had a great day too! 



Montage…what a fun word

In no particular order here are the happenings of my life while on my hiatus. 

–  Did you know people race lawn mowers in El Reno?  No?  Join the club!  Daria’s fiance is racing them and we went to watch and had the BEST time ever!  I mean you couldn’t ask for a more American feeling.  Not only was there grass car (that’s the official name, duh) races going on but there was a fair and the town rodeo.  All within a square mile.  The smell of fried foods was a whipping in the wind folks. 

Below is Canes Sauce.  Have you ever eaten at a Raising Canes?  The best chicken fingers in the world and the best dipping sauce in the world….and I might be an official dipping sauce expert.  The only one near OKC is in Norman.  I went to the first OU game in Norman with my sister and not that I don’t love spending time with her in that lovely town (can you hear the sarcasm about the town not my sister)….but the chicken and sauce was sooooo great and might have been my favorite part about the game/town.  Love you Kell!

This is Sloane in her VERY FIRST CARDIGAN!  I love a cardigan and I just know she will too! 

Fantasy Football draft kicked off.  Teddy and some fellas came over for a draft party….hey guys cool laptops!  Big ol’ NERDS! 

We got a new bed.  A new headboard.  It’s a king size.  It’s amazing.  I like to lay in it. 

We visited Teddy’s parents.  Their house is so warm and parent feeling.  This is the bench and pillows in their guest room.  It just reminds me of a “mom”…and that’s always a good feeling.

We celebrated Danny’s big 30 with the B.B. King concert!  Super fun and jazzy.  I have Pretty friends!

I went to Austin for work.  It was a successful and fun trip however the hotel seemed to have a lot of channels that played Mr. Rogers.  I never realized how creepy that show is until now.  I mean when I was little I loved it when the king and Mr. Rogers had chats and the mailman came by…this time I just wanted my Mom.

In celebration of football season starting I organized “SpiritWeek” at work.  Everyday we had or did something super fun!  This day was hat day!  Represent, YO!

And finally I did a lot of this.  I put down my computer, my phone, with my TV off and I loved on my bear dogs and husband.  I just have the most blessed life….and I don’t want to miss a beat! 

Not everything that happened to cause or during the hiatus was fun…..but that’s life.  Sometimes life hands me lemons and I want to pelt people with them…..and sometimes it’s just not fair….but when I look back over time I can see just how blessed I really am.  I am no stranger to tough times but I am REALLY starting to realize that I learn a lesson from each!   Maybe making a montage is the best way to realize just how much fun life is.  YAY MONTAGES….you’re a happy thing!

mason me crazy

Good morning friends!  Remember my crazy posts about mason jars…..here, and here?  They (as in mason jars) were mentioned a thousand two hundred and twenty more times but I’ll spare you the torment of going through all those again. 

Well at the reception all my collecting, wheeling and dealing to get cheap ones, and just flat-out craziness over these canning jars came to life!  And for me they did it in a spectacular way!  I loved loved loved them.  I am not sure what I was expecting but the reality was over and beyond my expectations! 

So each table had one large mason jar in it with flowers as the centerpiece and then around the centerpiece were 6-7 smaller mason jars (all different sizes) with candles in them.  300 candles!  I felt so bad for the lady who had to light all of them….seriously I think at one point during the ceremony I thought…..”Oh Please let her have started lighting those candles….Oh wait what did the priest just say?”  HA!  Well I’ll just shut my mouth and let you all see some pics! 

There were three types of centerpiece flowers….I wanted some shorter and some taller and some crazy and some sweeter….I’m talking about the flowers….not men.

Number 1

Nubmer 2

Number 3


I also provided the florist with a couple extra-large mason jars for him to put on the food table….well let me just tell you that man is a genius because this is what he did…

He stacked two mason jars on top of one another and then just packed that puppy full!  SO pretty and a great piece of height for the center of the room!  Food gets a post all it’s own.

So I would say my decision about mason jars ended up being a labor of love collecting them and cleaning them and searching for them….but that’s what a labor of love is….it’s something you put your heart and soul into and pray that it turns out just the way you wanted….and it did….times 10! 

All photographs by Josh McCullock Photography

Flowers by Morrisons Floral

Brunch with Babies

So Sunday I had the pleasure of being a friendship matchmaker.  It’s sort of a long story how it all started but I’ll give you the quick run down:

-I know Katie through Teddy who works(ed) with her husband, Erik.

-I know Kelsea because we are work associates. 

-They both have babies.  They had the same doctor.  They found each others blogs through my blog.

Okay…now that we have that over with!  Katie’s husband and Teddy went out-of-town for a boys trip this last weekend and so I was determined to set up a meeting with the three of us…and more importantly I was DYING TO SEE THEIR BABIES!  Sorry ladies! 

We set up a date at Mimi’s Cafe…who knew that place was so popular….people must love their good bread! 

Molly has the sweetest smile!

Kade is such a stud!

Molly Kade.  Kade Molly.

“I think I might be getting the Quiche?  Kade, what about you?” Molly said.

Hot Mammas! 

It was so much fun!  Both babies are so sweet and the ladies so great!!  Molly became BFF with the ladies at the table behind us….it was so funny! 

Teddy and Erik (Katie’s hubby) made it home last night and I don’t know about Erik but Teddy seemed to be pretty tired….I think he might be getting too old for “boys trips” of that magnitude!  Teddy said that Erik really missed Molly and I said “Well I can understand!  I was only with her for an hour and I miss her too!”. 

Disclaimer:  Teddy and I are NOT ready for children.  I just like to hold and swoon over other peoples.  Mom, if you are reading this please do not get any ideas!

Turkey Lurkey

Sorry for being MIA.  I’ve had a lot going on….but then again who doesn’t with all of the holiday festivities coming and going! 

We had Thanksgiving at 4 different places and it was awesome!  Each time our friends/family would send us home with leftovers!  My Mom still thinks I’m a starving 20 year old…oh wait some days I am!  Not really but it’s sweet of all of them to think of us and it’s nice to have it ready to go in the kitchen! 

Today I am making some chili with my leftover turkey! 

Saute 1 chopped onion and 1 chopped poblano pepper in olive oil until tender.  Add on 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, two 15.5 ounce cans kidney beans (rinsed), 2 cups shredded roasted turkey, 2 cups water, and 2 teaspoons ground cumin: season with salt and pepper.  Simmer until thickened, 20 -25 minutes…..and magnafique chili on a cold day! 

This recipe and picture is from Real Simple.  They have some other great recipes for left over turkey I’m trying this week. 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for so much this season…..


Cookbook signing with Ree…well sort of

So last night Age and I made our way up to 50 Penn Place where the Full Circle Bookstore is located to get our Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbooks signed. 

50 Penn Place also has a bar upstairs from Fill Circle….and good thing!   

So we walk in and see something similar to this….this is a little shorter than when we first walked in…


Yes that person on the left is taking a photo of Marlboro Man’s booty!  How inappropriate but so funny!

So what did we do when we saw the line?  We decided we would wait for it to die down and have a cocktail (or 2)….we waited….we waited some more…we waited…..it never died down!  No joke!  We got there at 6:30 and left around 10 and it was still just as long.  We actually only waited in the line for about 30 minutes the rest of the 3 hours we were chatting it up with our cocktails.  Age would do occasional line checks. 

We did get Marlboro Man to sign our books and a picture with him.  Nice guy. 


 We also got to see Ree (yes we are on a first name basis) but the fact of the matter was after all of our chips and salsa and cocktails and laughing and oh I forgot the part about the OSU Rugby team coming into the bar with their short shorts on….yes please! 

We never got our books signed by her.  We were tired but we had a great time!  Age and I always have fun! 


Got to love when things don’t go just right but end up being fun anyway!  I have my cookbook and I’ll post anything I try from it so ya’ll can see how a person who can’t make toast right can make her recipes. 

Love and Cocktails,