fashion bashin

Style my Neck

Do you all love a good scarf?  I do!  I feel like the older I get the more I purchase but I’ve always had a thing for them!  It’s a fun way to accessorize and cover up hickeys too….TOTALLY KIDDING!  HA! 

In all seriousness though it seems as if I have hit a scarf wall.  I can’t get them to look right on me lately and so I just end up wearing them thrown around my neck and then I end up looking like a bag lady which is pretty much par for the course!  On my last trip shopping with my family I picked up this infinity scarf and I love it! 

The great part is I don’t really have to make an infinity scarf look right I just throw it over my head.  I realize in this photo I”m wearing it with a turtle neck sweater which is more than likely a fashion faux pas but nonetheless it’s a great alternative to my proverbial brick wall scarf situation I’m in right now and it was cold as all get up this day! 

Today I went to the internet to search up some great scarf fashion and I found some really great styles that I think I need to channel!  


 image, image

It seems as if these beautiful ladies are using normal scarfs but they look almost like my favorite infinity ones.  Oh the talent one must have to accomplish this.  It also seems as if I have a thing for brunettes.  I’m going to practice this style at home and see if I can figure it out….I’ll keep you posted! 

Until next time!  XOXOXO!

land run day fashion disaster


Have you ever seen anything like this?  I start looking through pictures and this is the type of thing I find.  I really have no words and I will be discussing this with my Mom just as soon as I can get her to stop laughing. 

I am so glad I liked it this day….but I feel so sorry for Taylor, John, whatever his name is….he had to dance with the 8 year old cross dresser!

dump in disguise


Now I may behind in fashion and all the things that go with the fashion world but I do know that if you wear these new “in style” pants you will look like you have taken a dump in your pants.  And I don’t know about you all but there are times when I’m doing more than just walking and looking cute…I’m running, jumping, hugging, dancing, and I’m scared to do ANY of those things in these! 

I guess it might be a good look for women like myself who have a thicker inner thigh as it would be disguised in the dump holding area…but I’m not sure it’s worth it! 

Seriously though…maybe I’m being too old fashion or harsh….I will be the first to admit I have some fashion problems….but would you wear these?