Remodel/Makeover – The Bathroom

Our house is old.  It was built in 1935 and we love it.  With its age comes some very enchanting things you have to get used to.  I won’t go into all of them because we would be here a while plus I’m sure you all can imagine or have yourself lived in an older home at one point.  The one thing that cracks me up about old houses is when you peel back one layer of the old wall paper or you take off a mirror in a bathroom you see years and sometimes layers of many makeovers/remodels.  Era’s of what was cool, what was never cool, and I’m sure many fun times had by other families as they made the rooms look like they would like! 

I have lived here for 2 years and Teddy for 4 years and out of all of those years the worst part of our house was the dreaded bathroom.  I can’t imagine, no matter the era, what ANYONE was thinking when they decided on the old decor but you know to each their own! 

So without further ado….


So now you know why I might have had a tiny problem with it!  HA!  When I first moved in, I’m ashamed to say, I was nervous to have people over because of how it looked! ACK! 

That note behind the mirror reads something pretty funny and Teddy and I always wonder “If it was such a biatch to remodel then why did you pick such ugly stuff!” HA!  That’s horrible I know!   The rebath was so bulky and really took up some room in the bathtub/shower area, the floor and the lovely green tile all over the place was just ugly beyond words, the color of the walls was greens as well, so needless to say it was very ‘mossy’.   Not something you want to think of when you are entering the place where you shower!  HA!

So this Christmas Teddy and I purchased a new bathroom for one another as our gifts.  We also did stockings but the bathroom was the best present I’ve ever received by far! 

What a difference! 

The After:


This is the new mirror and the new glass towel/stuff holder.  We purchased the mirror at Garden Ridge….so pretty good price there! 

We kept the existing white vanity, the existing toilet, and the existing light fixture….but we moved it up about 6 inches.  Teddy also put up crown molding up top to finish off the look.  The new color on the walls is Behr Dolphin Fin.  I have been a gray freak lately.  I love it!  Such a nice backdrop for everything.

My favorite part is the new floor.  That mossy green went bye bye for good!  The plant on the back of the toilet is an Orchid however the blooms fell off.  It lived for a while and after reading up on it I think it will bloom again!  I hope anyway!

And the new shower/bath!  All new tile and SO MUCH BIGGER because that big bulky rebath is gonzo!  I love it! 

A lot of the major remodeling was done by contractors but we (as in Teddy) did the demo of the old stuff, the painting, crown molding, decorating, etc. 

I’ve also been busy redecorating the bedroom, living room, and dining room….I’ll do my best to show you all those changes too!  I think it took me a while to get my own style of decorating down because my sister and I lived together until she bought her own house and got married several years ago….so even as an adult I just let her and my Mom do all the decorating and stayed quiet!  Not that there was anything wrong with how they decorate but it is fun having my own style finally.  I would say my style is modern/vintage…..I love antiques and new pieces to be in the same room….I’m not all about one room looking REAL modern or REAL vintage….I love the mix of both. 

The thing I will remember about remodeling the bathroom the most is that Ben’s 30th Surprise Birthday party was at our house 1 week after the bathroom was done with the bulk of remodel however we still had to paint, find the mirror, etc.  So I was freaking out about getting it finished but couldn’t tell him why….so I was a nervous wreck about the bathroom and just generally throwing someone a surprise party….which btw ANXIETY ATTACK!  GEESH!  Overall it was a fun time for both of us and our house is better from it!



So Teddy’s madre was at our house a month or so ago for a couples shower that we had and she snapped this photo of us:

When we arrived home from our honeymoon and walked into the living room we saw this:

She had painted our portrait.  It’s a water color painting!  Isn’t that super neat!?!?!  She is super talented….check out her website.