Baby Spooniest – The short version

I was diagnosed with PCOS a year before Teddy and I started trying.  I went on Metformin.  It hated me for about the first month but we liked one another after that.

I was on Clomid from my OBGYN for 3 months when Teddy and I got serious about trying.  It didn’t help me ovulate whatsoever.

We started seeing a fertility doctor that my OBGYN referred us to.  He pushed IVF from the very start. 

I had a HCG done and was told there was slight blockage and it was slow to fill.  IVF was pushed even harder. 

We wanted to get a second opinion.  We got ALL of our medical records from the first fertility doctor.  Including the HCG results and took them to another doctor that my OBGYN suggested. 

Our new fertility doctor (Dr. C) was AMAZING from the start and during the first meeting with Dr. C we never even heard the words IVF.  In fact she said that my HCG results weren’t bad at all and gave us a lot of hope. 

We felt much much better about our options and future.  Whew….that was a good idea to get a second opinion….thanks TEDDY! 

I was on Clomid for 2 months and still no ovulation. 

Dr. C gave me the highest possible dosage of Clomid along with a trigger shot and wanted to take this next cycle very serious and possibly try IUI if I did ovulate.  A person can only be on Clomid for up to 6 months at a time and this was my last month to try with this particular medication.

We ovulated!  Whewhew!  And on a whim we decided IUI would be our best bet!  Go big or go home!  We were ready to give it our best shot and this was our best shot!   Teddy held my hand the whole way through and before we left that room we held hands and said a prayer I’ll never forget.  A moment shared with my sweet husband that might not have been our ideal way of conceiving but it was where we were and we were blessed to be there.

We waited the 2 weeks after the IUI…..

And on the second to the last day of waiting I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.  I was so sad.  But Teddy reassured me that they make you wait for a reason.

I woke up the morning of the day we were supposed to test and it was POSITIVE!  I couldn’t believe my eyes….so I took 5 more tests.  We went to Dr. C’s office that morning, had my blood drawn and sure enough….the IUI and the prayers had worked.  We were Baby carrying fools and oh so happy! 

Some people might think this post is over sharing but I want this to give someone hope that might not have any.  And if you think it’s over sharing then I’m not sure why you’ve read this far down. 

Before you are ready to start trying I suggest having your OBGYN run tests on both!  Like my dad always says….If you’re going to do something do it right.  You can’t get pregnant if you aren’t working right! 

If you or your Teddy have a diagnosis of something that will hinder you from having children don’t be scared to ask your insurance if you have to wait the 1 year before seeing a fertility doctor.   Our insurance did not make us wait the year since my PCOS was stopping me from ovulating.  You have to ovulate to get pregnant….duh. 

If you have a tug at your heart-strings to get a second opinon DO IT!  Don’t be scared!  Some doctors just aren’t a good fit and that’s why there are lots of them!  What’s right for some couples just might not be what’s right for you!  It’s that simple! 

Sorry this post has taken me so long to write….I’ve been busy going to be at 7:30 PM CST.  I’ll be back soon to touch on the much more important topics like baby bumps that are confused with overeating and tummy fat and seeing your baby move on the ultrasound the first time.  It’s pretty amazing stuff….this being pregnant. 

Lots of love,

Spooniest and Baby Spooniest


Who Am I?


I was looking through all my pics from 2011 and I have to say it really was a great year overall.  I could make you a list of all the things I am I suppose.  A daughter, wife, mother to dogs, dog lover, friend, sister, red head…..but this might get pretty boring for you and my mind is so 90 to nothing all the time that it would just get really out of hand and I might mention things that are just better kept to myself.  For your sake not mine.

Something that was fairly new to me in 2011 and now 2012 is that I am a person trying to have a baby.  Gosh that feels good to write.  I don’t even know why!  I think because sometimes I feel like we are trying but are we really TRYING  when all we do is get poked and prodded and we aren’t in the bedroom doing this the au naturale way!  Get my drift?  Ummmm…..this didn’t get started the way I was hoping……Now you have some visuals I’m sure you could have done without!  Sorry about that. 

The truth is that Teddy and I have been trying for about 8 months and a couple of weeks to have a little Teddy or Teddette!  8 months isn’t that long….it really isn’t.  I don’t feel discouraged even writing it to be honest.  What is discouraging is that for those 8 months my body has been ready and able to have a baby 1 of those months.  I have taken the meds, pee’d on the sticks, done the headstands, made the deals with God, and still my body only ovulated ONCE.  ONE TIME.   For someone who really does have this sense of urgency even when picking up my dry cleaning this has been a real struggle for me.  I’m the kind of gal that likes to see results from something immediately if not sooner or I just get really irritated.  Yes, I do realize I will have to be pregnant for 9 months and believe you ME I’ve sat here and thought how I will want to get that baby out of me and start the fun right away!  I also recently had to get the Chicken Pox vaccine.  Yes I had to get a 1-year-old vaccine.  I mean there has been a lot of just real eye-opening things during this process.  Looking back for the short 8 months it’s been quite the ride….and we’re still on it hopefully making some headway. 

I have felt things in the last 8 months I never even knew existed AND they haven’t all been bad.  I have learned a lot about myself and others in this struggle/process and I am so thankful for that.  Sometimes this is the reason why I didn’t blog as much….I really didn’t know what to say or how to say it….or I thought I’ll blog about it and then people will judge me for being too open about my life.  But I tell you this now because this is part of my story right now.  It’s part of who I am but it’s not WHO I AM.  I will be a Mom one day but I won’t always be someone trying to be a Mom.   Sometimes life changes therefore changing who you are but you are always really YOU and the beauty of being YOU is that NO ONE else can do it. 

this week.

This week has been pretty great so far!  I made some great strides and leaps towards some goals I have going on and I always feel good about that.  I also am a few days closer to being off work for a few days in a row which is always nice and refreshing!  YAY!

I also worked out this week….try not to die laughing….that’s me on the stair climber.  I did something crazy like 45 flights of stairs but that machine is much easier than actual stairs as I tried to take the stairs everyday this week at work and 5 flights almost kills me!  HA!

This was at the begginning…I was too worn out to look at myself in the mirror besides make a camera phone function by the end!  Pathetic! 


I found out this week about a cool new website that has glasses for $95.00 and every pair you buy they provide another pair to someone who needs new glasses.  Their name is Warby Parker and their glasses are CUTE!  These are just a few pair from the hundreds they have….they send 5 pairs to your house…you try them on and then send them back free shipping!  How fun is that?!?  Check them out and read about their products, their mission, and how it all works! 


So I have just been informed a couple of weeks ago (I’m probably really late to the game….it’s probably already not cool) that friendship bracelets are back!  How fun!  Just in time for the nice weather and bike rides with your best bud around the block! 

And talk about a cheap trend….who doesn’t remember how to make a friendship bracelet!?!?!?


So I am still SO obsessed with When Parents Text.  I’m constantly reading them on my phone and texting the funny ones to people and Teddy.  I don’t think anyone laughs nearly as much as me….and why that is I’m not sure….cause it’s hysterical! 


Okay the other thing this week that I’m obsessed with is Adele’s new album ADELE21.  I posted on Facebook that it is a really good thing that I”m not going through a breakup because she is down right a great singer and singing about a breakup.  The words are beautiful and her voice is amazing.  Sometimes I belt it all out in my car and pretend I’m on a stage singing my heart out about a boy I lost.  did i just really type that and admit to it? 

Have a great Cinco De Mayo!  I love me some good Mexican Cuisine and a Tecate!!  YAY!

Our 1st Anniversary – Paper Anniversary

Yesterday, May 1 2011, Teddy and I celebrated one year of marriage.  Saturday we did got out for a nice dinner at one of our favorite spots in a really cool part of town.  He also sent me these beauties on Friday.  I honestly was wondering what I was getting flowers for….I mean SPACE CADET?!?!?  HA!

The first year traditional anniversary present is paper.  Aren’t the traditional anniversary presents funny?  Of course this paper one is amazing to me because I love all things paper but gold, copper, bronze, etc.  It’s funny but it really does make one put some thought into the gift.  I mean who says you have to follow it?  NO ONE!  But I do think it’s a fun list to follow…even if it’s just something small.

We had actually given one another our gifts early mainly because we just can’t stand the anticipation of seeing the other one so excited!  HA!  Teddy’s gift to me arrived at the house first.  It was in a giant box with the words “SHUTTERFLY” on the outside of it….so I was pretty sure what it was…HA!  I waited until he got home and he agreed to let me open it.   It is a book of some of our engagement/wedding pictures.  It’s amazing.  I can tell he put a lot of thought and love into his gift….how all the pictures are in order and some are bigger than others….the layouts, etc.  So sweet! 

The front of the book.

The back of the book of us walking to our limo after our wedding and he wrote a really sweet message. 

The book is about 30+ pages and is very fun to look at. 

I threw around so many different ideas for his gift and couldn’t ever just fall in love with one.  I thought about doing some personalized desk stationery, love notes, painting, and a few other things that would fall under the paper category.  I finally decided on this.

A framed vintage map of the United States.  He loves to look at where he wants to go next, where we’ve been, and all of that.  It’s huge.  I don’t think I realized how huge it really was until it arrived….I mean I saw the measurements but I think I measured in my head wrong…HA! 

He really likes it and right now it does sit in an office space that is smaller but I’m hoping our next place will either have a larger office space or a family area that we could hang it in.  It could be used for educational purposes too….although a lot of the highways that exist now are not on it….but the general point of the states and cities are there.

One year and a lot of fun times behind us….a thousand trillion billion more to go.  And loads and loads of love.

Confirmation of my Faith

I was confirmed on Saturday, Easter Vigil, as a Catholic.  Teddy and his family have always been Catholics and I had really come to enjoy the faith and decided to join my husband’s faith so we would be a family unit.  This included classes every Tuesday for 8 months, meeting a lot of great people who were also going through the class, but most of all diving right into a new faith with complete intrigue. 

A few days before my confirmation Ric, Teddy’s father sent me this email.  I wanted to share it with you all because it’s a wonderful email and I think everyone can appreciate his valuable words.


Haley, I wanted to drop you a short line to congratulate your “doggedness” in learning the Catholic faith.

You & Ben have developed a strong personal relationship.  In all Christian churches, the key is developing a strong personal relationship with another guy — Jesus.  He wanted us to be one.

As Catholics we give good example and help each other on our journey.

We believe when we get to heaven, Jesus will first ask us “who did you bring with you?”, it not just saving your own butt.

There is always doubt, Mother Theresa wrote of her doubt.  We have faith to see reality beyond the physical senses.  It is not scientific truth like the law of gravity and not beyond reasonable doubt like the courtroom.

All faith communities are a compass to the “wisdom of the ages” to lead an unbroken life for you, your husband, & your kids — honor God, respect others, don’t kill, steal, lie, love your spouse more each day, don’t desire foolish stuff, be meek, comfort the suffering cause we all need help.

Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride.

Love always — Dad Ric


Going through the classes, watching my marriage grow in ways I never imagined because of it, and really putting my faith in a new perspective has been amazing.  Something I’ll never forget.  Ever.  Thank you to those who have helped me, welcomed me, and supported me.

Spooniest – A to Z

This game has slowly been making its way around some fun blogs, so I thought I’d share my own ABCs 🙂

A. Age: 28

B. Bed size: King.  Sadly we bought the larger bed not only for ourselves but for our sweet dogs too.  Pathetic!

C. Chore you hate: Hanging up laundry.  I don’t mind doing the laundry…it’s putting it away that I hate more than anything.

D. Dogs:  Two basset hounds AKA bear dogs.  ALWAYS happy to see me when I get home!  Always.


E. Essential start to your day: A cup of green tea and some quiet.  I love being quiet in the mornings. 

F. Favorite color: I love green….but if you ask Teddy he’ll say black.  Most mornings as I’m leaving for work he says “Have a great day Johnny Cash.”  He says I only wear black.  BLAH BLAH BLAH

G. Gold or silver: My favorite pair of heels are gold but I would say I like both.

H. Height: 5’6

I. Instruments: Does a air microphone count?  I love to sing in the car!

J. Job title: I work in Human Resources

K. Kids: Just 4 legged ones.  We hope to have a family one day though! 

L. Live: Oklahoma….where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.  Literally today….swept me right down the plains.

M. Mom’s name: Dee

N. Nicknames: Bop

O. Order of birth: I’m the baby.  Sometimes I love it….but I’ve learned as I’ve grown up that no one really ever lets you do what you want.  All the siblings have their opinions….they are in charge…pretty much forever. 

P. Pet peeve: I have a few (who doesn’t).  One funny one I have is that I hate it when restaurants put baby corns in the food.  What are those things?

Q. Quote from a movie: Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. I say, fall head over heels. Find someone you can love like crazy and who will love you the same way back. How do you find him? Well, you forget your head, and you listen to your heart. And I’m not hearing any heart. Cause the truth is, honey, there’s no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven’t lived a life at all. But you have to try, cause if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived.  –Meet Joe Black

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings:  Yes.  And lots of them.

T. Time you wake up: 6:00 AM – Then I fall back asleep – wake up at 7:10 and then get out of bed at 7:15

U. Ulitimate Goal:  Man this one is deep.  I guess one of my ultimate goals in life would be to be truly happy and have that happiness show in my everyday life by the way I treat others and myself.     

V. Vegetables you dislike:  If baby corn was a vegetable it would be that but it’s not so I don’t have an answer.  I really enjoy all other food.  Clearly. 

W. What makes you run late: Sleeping and being lazy.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Not enough…I wish I could get a full body scan!

Y. Yummy food you make:  Cake

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: Rhino

TAG….you’re it!  Have fun!

Baby Love

No I’m not pregnant. 

But SO many friends or people I know through other people who aren’t actually ‘friends’  are!  I seriously feel like everyday someone else tells me or I read that they are pregnant.  I suppose it’s just that time in my life….for a while it was weddings weddings weddings now it’s babies babies babies….and I LOVE IT!  I have none of my own, except furry ones, and I think I’m getting a little bit of baby fever!  I love to reserch stuff online (you know this) and so of course I’ve been doing research online about baby things.  Cute ideas, cute names, birthing stories (which I think I have to stop doing because I’m scaring myself), etc.  There is nothing wrong at all with being prepared for any help my friends or total strangers might need in naming their kid or advice on birthing plans. 

Here are a couple things/ideas I’ve run across in my research that I really thought were cute!!

So you know how some people do a Sip and See for a shower once the baby is born?  Well lately I’ve been reading about HUG AND CHUG SHOWERS!  How funny is this?  I mean I get that it’s a little rougher than Sip and See but it’s DARLING!  There are a few things on the internet about them but not a whole lot to be honest.  I first heard of the idea from a blog I read and loved the cute name! 

The guys that come could “chug” some beers with the new DAD and they could hug if they wanted! 

I found this cute idea on Bakerella and I think they would be so cute to fit in with the Hug and Chug theme! 

Those are just white donut holes on top or milk bottles or latte bottles…and you could decorate them however you want if the snow man didn’t fit in with the season!


This darling TO DO LIST is full of 66 tasks to complete and stickers to show what you have accomplished!  It’s technically not for babies it’s for 10 years old and up but it’s just so cute I had to share.  The tasks are designed to spark imagination and creative thinking!   Watching the sunrise, Make a Snowman, Laugh until you cry!  I mean this to do list could be something for parents to use when the baby is little…to keep the family together doing fun things! 

Later in the year they are going to come up with one for kids younger than 10!  So fun!

The To Do List is actually from the same company who sells these darling fitted crib sheets I’ve written about before!  They allow you to measure how big your little one is getting as they sleep! 


 Those FAT ROLLS!  I die!


In a totally unrelated matter I’m going to be sleeping in a tent for the first time in my life this weekend!  Hopefully Teddy is just kidding about the stuff he packed and this will be our set up….

Looks glorious doesn’t it? 

I think Mother Nature is channeling her inner Sybil because it’s beautiful weather here now.  Blizzard one day the next it’s sunny and record highs!  Keeping us on our toes!