100 calorie breakfast and some other goodies!

Do you all PIN?  I love Pinterest!  I can’t get enough.  With all the social media outlets out there I justify this one solely on the fact that I get useful information from it.  So it doesn’t make me feel so bad to spend 20 minutes or so on it. 

The other day I came across a delicious recipe for breakfast and immediately sent it to Teddy.   I must admit something to you all….Teddy makes me breakfast almost every morning.  He loves to make breakfast!  Or at least I’m pretty sure he does.  He leaves for work an entire hour after I do and that’s just 2 days a week because the others he works from home.  So it’s just easier for him to do the breakfast thing!  I’m trying to justify this….can you tell!  HA! 

The recipe was for a baked egg cup! 

The recipe can be found here!  Didn’t Teddy do a good job on ours?  I was impressed and it was delicious! 

Here is an image from the recipe site….it’s basically ham in a muffin tin, egg inside that, bake, and then sprinkle some cheese on top!  So easy!



My sister Kelly, Sloaney Bear’s Mom, is having another baby and it’s a BOY!  A BOY!  We don’t have a lot of boys in our family so this is big time! I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to see how Sloane acts having a baby brother to boss around.  Goodness gracious this could get fun!   I snapped this picture of Sloane at the party and I’m fairly certain it’s not the first time we (especially Hayes) will see these “eyes”.

Last weekend we celebrated with a baby shower and it was a blast!  Baby Hayes got SO many cute things and is going to be so handsome in all of his cute stuff.  I made sugar cookies with Royal icing for the first time and they turned out super cute.  We also did a wish tree but did a bit of a twist on that and made it more about advice and wishes when raising a boy since Kelly isn’t a first time Mom.  Here are some pics! 

At the end of the shower Kelly had hostess gifts for us….I was so excited to see what mine was!


A basset hound hand stitched pillow!   She found it at a boutique here and I just love it.  I keep showing it to the dogs thinking they might recognize this dog.  I’ve lost my mind.


And speaking of Sloane and my basset hounds…..she LOVES THEM…and they LOVE HER….whew what a relief!   I’m really hopeful they will be just as in love with their very own baby brother/sister one day! 

What a sweet little munchkin!  Love her!


 Hope you all are having a great week!  I’ll be back tomorrow! 


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