Quakenados & A conversation

We have had 4 earthquakes in Oklahoma City and last night they were accompanied by their good pal Tornadoes!  Seriously!?!?  Is someone just messing with me!  I’ve had it!  I’m a total mess when I’m anxious..I pace and walk around….except however in the event of an earthquake because I found out last night if you are in bed just to stay there and cover your head.  Done and Done.  I stayed in bed all night.  Wish I was there now.

–Yes, Most people feel very sorry for Teddy if that’s what you are asking yourself right now.


Today I went to Buy For Less to grab some lunch.  I am 80 years old and eat at the grocery store. 

When I was standing in line to check out this elderly man was near me and he looked scruffy and had a back pack and to be honest he looked homeless.  I then admired how many packs of M&M’s he was buying and he said that they were MUCH cheaper at Buy for Less than on the Greyhound.  I responded with “like the bus?”….NO THE DOG YOU IDIOT!  And he said “Yes, I ride the bus all over the country…just something to do”  I asked him what the country was like and where his favorite place was and what he thinks about Oklahoma.  We talked for a while because the little lady in front of us couldn’t work the debit card machine.  Fancy things.  As I was walking off I told him it was great talking to him and he said likewise.  I saw him walking out and when I drove by he was sitting next to a trashcan eating his lunch and M&M’s (hopefully just one pack at a time) and my heart sunk.  I thought to myself so many different things right then. 

The truth is this guy could have been a drug addict or he could have been sober his whole life.  He could have no kids or 24.  He could be from Ohio.  I have no idea.  What resonated with me most was I could have been the ONE and ONLY conversation he has all day.  Sometimes in life we forget that some people just want to say something….to have friendships….to tell their STORY.  We may not all have beautiful homes to live in, food to eat, and a bed to sleep in…..but we ALL have a STORY to tell. 

As the holiday season approaches I am going to make an effort to make sure I listen more and talk less….especially to the needy and hurting.  This guy changed my day today….and I hope I did his too.


2 Replies to “Quakenados & A conversation”

  1. Aw, Hales, you’re so sweet. The conversation reminds me of Forrest Gump – he just wanted to tell his story, sittin’ on a park bench…you have such a kind heart!….except for when you don’t.

    I felt the ‘nado in Anthony, Kansas, last night….they’re super scary. I didn’t feel the first one but have felt all the rest….I’m not a huge fan.

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