Felt Rosette Wreath – DIY

The fall wreath.  I’ve never really even thought about wanting one or having a fall wreath which is just crazy for me seeing as how I love a craft….but for some reason this year I’ve been all about it. I’ve looked ALL over the place for one.  Our front door gets direct sunlight so I knew we couldn’t do anything that would be living or fade really horribly.  So in my search online I saw a photo of a wreath on Etsy….and because I am the instant gratification sort of chick I couldn’t wait for the shipping and it looked fairly easy so I just decided to give it a try myself. 

You should try it too…it’s super easy!

The supplies –


twig wreath from craft store….they come in all shapes and sizes – the one I chose was $3.99

hot glue

felt – at my craft store these come in 8.5 x 10 pieces and are $.25 a sheet….pretty darn cheap!

Step 1:  Cut your felt sheets into half.  The half-size is a bigger flower…..then you can go from there one what size you want. 

 Step 2:  Cut the half sheet in a spiral.  Like a circle spiral.  Round and Round and Round.  Does that make sense?  Do I need a photo of what I’m talking about? 

Step 3:  Roll up the spiral pieces.  Hold the piece like I have it in the second photo and it’s a lot easier.  You are just going to keep rolling it up…and rolling it up. 

Step 4:  Take the final piece of the spiral strip and glue it to the back of the flower.  It should fit just right. 

Step 5:  If you have a weird larger piece (black flower photo) and you want to make the petal look better than just cut it.

Step 6:  Cut out green leaves from the green felt.  Funny part on this is that I had to have Teddy do this part for me….I could NOT for the life  of me cut a darn leaf! 

Step 7:  Arrange them and glue them on the wreath!  VOILA! 

A good tutorial I looked at beforehand was this one!  She has better photos too…and prettier hands!  HA!  http://mrspriss.com/2010/03/12/tutorial-felt-rosettes/ 

The biggest thing for me was that I had to play with it for a minute or two before I got the way I liked the rosette to look.  Then it was smooth sailing from there!

Happy Wreath Making!  Here is a larger one that I made!  Super fun! 



  1. AH! Your wreath is absolutely adorable!! I love the natural twig form… so cute!

    Thank you for linking to my tutorial. 🙂 And if you only knew how photoshopped my hand photos are, you’d laugh. I have old lady hands! lol

    1. HI! Thanks so much….I’m going to use your idea and make some hair barrettes for my niece!
      I have fat and stumpy hands….if I knew how to photoshop a hand believe me I would have been all over that! I tried to do the same type of tutorial but I’m just not great at explaining how I do things…I just sort of do it 😉
      I hope people don’t leave my site lost…if they do they always have yours to go by!

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