Summer Recap

– Summer 2011 –

Well lets start with the no good…bad….and just down right ugly….then we have nowhere to go but up!  I burnt my hand, fell down some stairs busting my face to pieces and breaking my nose, and my office ceiling tiles fell on my head spewing hundreds of gallons of antifreeze on me and my office….Daria assures me that things come in threes and I’m due for some relief from the weird and bad things happening.  And lets just be real honest if these three things are the worst of it I would say I’m pretty blessed.

Next up….Trips!  We went on a few trips this summer.  Our 1 year anniversary we spent in Taos and Santa Fe.  We also attending a wedding in the gorgeous Castle Pines, Colorado!  Some relief from the hot scorching summer heat of Oklahoma!  

 Miss Sloane and I had a wonderful summer hanging out and being awesome!  She’s changed so much over the last few months…She loves to walk, she can bark like a puppy, and she loves to take naps on my shoulder. 

And then of course the random fun stuff we had going on!  For 4th of July I made a fascinator headpiece out of paper flowers and a Patriotic 7 layer dip….it was an interesting 4th of July to say the least.  We cooked a lot.  I slept in a lot, read magazines, enjoyed our marital bliss….

I hope your summer was fantastic! 

Welcome, Fall….make yourself comfy and  stay a while!


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