Tabs Full of Happiness…..

Today I received my Erin Condren Life Planner in the mail.  I jumped on the band wagon along with the rest of the country and grabbed one!  Too cute not to and if you are a lover of paper like I am…well then it was a NO BRAINER! 

Here is the front of mine….

But I will tell you….These tabs are what got me to thinking (warning I get pretty serious about tabs below) (you’ve been warned)

Normally when you buy a planner it doesn’t have the awesome tabs on it that puts future months to come RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!  I looked at them…and flipped to a few….and then I started to wonder….

In 2012 what will my life be like? 

Will I have made some changes to my life that need to be made?  (at least a few?)

Will I have a baby in 2012?!  ( I really hope so!)

Will Ben and I still live in our house we are in now? (I’ll miss that little yellow house so much!)

I guess the future is always “there” without some silly amazing tab reminding me but today I studied those tabs and thought it doesn’t get much better than this!  I’m willing to bet it will do just that…..sure I will be sad a few days in all those tabs somewhere….but I am praying and hoping for tabs full of happiness. 

IN fact I think Tabs Full Of Happiness should be Erin Condren’s new motto.  I’m just saying!!!!


One Reply to “Tabs Full of Happiness…..”

  1. I love this. Post and your cute planner! How cute and what a great gift idea! I think your 2012 will bring many tabs of happiness 🙂

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