Each Day….

Each Day I feel my best when…..I am doing something for someone else that brings them joy!  

It can be making dinner for my husband, helping to make a connection for a rescued dog, buying ice cream sandwiches for our employees on a very hot day like today….I just really find myself so happy when I know what I’m doing is going to make someone else feel joy!  How they react, based on their day isn’t always what I would like, but it’s the joy I put into the act that also counts and I have loved learning this lesson!

What about you?  You finish the sentence! 

Each day I feel my best when……….


3 Replies to “Each Day….”

  1. I personally feel best when I’m managing to not punch the shit out of the people who work for me in rural Kansas. It’s really, really, really hard work.

  2. Ladies I was cleary a bit more sentimental at the time of postings yesterday! I hope your Kansas people were acting as normal as possible, TL and Lisa….babe the hair thing isn’t working for anyone…it’s 115 degrees and feels like a dog licks your face when you walk outside…Love to you both!

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