Spooniest – Hiatus

It’s the summer of 2011 and I just turned 29.  29 people the last year of my 20’s!  ACK!  I’m pretty ready for my 30’s though….I know that amazing things will happen in my 30’s and for that reason I say Bring It On! 

I have been taking a break from blogging and in fact that’s why I’m writing….I’m going to continue my break through the summer.   My mind is racing with so much that is going on and it’s 300 degrees outside….most days I just sit and stare out the window dreading ever getting that hot!  HA! 

Sloaney Bear is almost walking, my husband gets better everyday, my friends are amazing, and my family is well crazy but completely lovable as always….I am just having a summer o’ fun and taking it all in.

Have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you come FOOTBALL SEASON!  Get excited people!   



One Reply to “Spooniest – Hiatus”

  1. a hiatus is good for the soul!!!! i will miss spooniest posts of course, but i think the summer should be all about taking a break…enjoy it!! can’t wait for the fall 😉

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