this week.

This week has been pretty great so far!  I made some great strides and leaps towards some goals I have going on and I always feel good about that.  I also am a few days closer to being off work for a few days in a row which is always nice and refreshing!  YAY!

I also worked out this week….try not to die laughing….that’s me on the stair climber.  I did something crazy like 45 flights of stairs but that machine is much easier than actual stairs as I tried to take the stairs everyday this week at work and 5 flights almost kills me!  HA!

This was at the begginning…I was too worn out to look at myself in the mirror besides make a camera phone function by the end!  Pathetic! 


I found out this week about a cool new website that has glasses for $95.00 and every pair you buy they provide another pair to someone who needs new glasses.  Their name is Warby Parker and their glasses are CUTE!  These are just a few pair from the hundreds they have….they send 5 pairs to your house…you try them on and then send them back free shipping!  How fun is that?!?  Check them out and read about their products, their mission, and how it all works! 


So I have just been informed a couple of weeks ago (I’m probably really late to the game….it’s probably already not cool) that friendship bracelets are back!  How fun!  Just in time for the nice weather and bike rides with your best bud around the block! 

And talk about a cheap trend….who doesn’t remember how to make a friendship bracelet!?!?!?


So I am still SO obsessed with When Parents Text.  I’m constantly reading them on my phone and texting the funny ones to people and Teddy.  I don’t think anyone laughs nearly as much as me….and why that is I’m not sure….cause it’s hysterical! 


Okay the other thing this week that I’m obsessed with is Adele’s new album ADELE21.  I posted on Facebook that it is a really good thing that I”m not going through a breakup because she is down right a great singer and singing about a breakup.  The words are beautiful and her voice is amazing.  Sometimes I belt it all out in my car and pretend I’m on a stage singing my heart out about a boy I lost.  did i just really type that and admit to it? 

Have a great Cinco De Mayo!  I love me some good Mexican Cuisine and a Tecate!!  YAY!


One Reply to “this week.”

  1. I love every single thing about every single thing you posted. Except I hate working out and I don’t wear glasses. I love Adele, have listened to the album at least 76 times….this week. I can’t listen to anything else, I try and then I change it back. It’s awful. I also love Cinco de Drinko – email me your plans. I also think that may be the best “parents who text” that I’ve seen yet. I love you!

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