Our 1st Anniversary – Paper Anniversary

Yesterday, May 1 2011, Teddy and I celebrated one year of marriage.  Saturday we did got out for a nice dinner at one of our favorite spots in a really cool part of town.  He also sent me these beauties on Friday.  I honestly was wondering what I was getting flowers for….I mean SPACE CADET?!?!?  HA!

The first year traditional anniversary present is paper.  Aren’t the traditional anniversary presents funny?  Of course this paper one is amazing to me because I love all things paper but gold, copper, bronze, etc.  It’s funny but it really does make one put some thought into the gift.  I mean who says you have to follow it?  NO ONE!  But I do think it’s a fun list to follow…even if it’s just something small.

We had actually given one another our gifts early mainly because we just can’t stand the anticipation of seeing the other one so excited!  HA!  Teddy’s gift to me arrived at the house first.  It was in a giant box with the words “SHUTTERFLY” on the outside of it….so I was pretty sure what it was…HA!  I waited until he got home and he agreed to let me open it.   It is a book of some of our engagement/wedding pictures.  It’s amazing.  I can tell he put a lot of thought and love into his gift….how all the pictures are in order and some are bigger than others….the layouts, etc.  So sweet! 

The front of the book.

The back of the book of us walking to our limo after our wedding and he wrote a really sweet message. 

The book is about 30+ pages and is very fun to look at. 

I threw around so many different ideas for his gift and couldn’t ever just fall in love with one.  I thought about doing some personalized desk stationery, love notes, painting, and a few other things that would fall under the paper category.  I finally decided on this.

A framed vintage map of the United States.  He loves to look at where he wants to go next, where we’ve been, and all of that.  It’s huge.  I don’t think I realized how huge it really was until it arrived….I mean I saw the measurements but I think I measured in my head wrong…HA! 

He really likes it and right now it does sit in an office space that is smaller but I’m hoping our next place will either have a larger office space or a family area that we could hang it in.  It could be used for educational purposes too….although a lot of the highways that exist now are not on it….but the general point of the states and cities are there.

One year and a lot of fun times behind us….a thousand trillion billion more to go.  And loads and loads of love.


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