Confirmation of my Faith

I was confirmed on Saturday, Easter Vigil, as a Catholic.  Teddy and his family have always been Catholics and I had really come to enjoy the faith and decided to join my husband’s faith so we would be a family unit.  This included classes every Tuesday for 8 months, meeting a lot of great people who were also going through the class, but most of all diving right into a new faith with complete intrigue. 

A few days before my confirmation Ric, Teddy’s father sent me this email.  I wanted to share it with you all because it’s a wonderful email and I think everyone can appreciate his valuable words.


Haley, I wanted to drop you a short line to congratulate your “doggedness” in learning the Catholic faith.

You & Ben have developed a strong personal relationship.  In all Christian churches, the key is developing a strong personal relationship with another guy — Jesus.  He wanted us to be one.

As Catholics we give good example and help each other on our journey.

We believe when we get to heaven, Jesus will first ask us “who did you bring with you?”, it not just saving your own butt.

There is always doubt, Mother Theresa wrote of her doubt.  We have faith to see reality beyond the physical senses.  It is not scientific truth like the law of gravity and not beyond reasonable doubt like the courtroom.

All faith communities are a compass to the “wisdom of the ages” to lead an unbroken life for you, your husband, & your kids — honor God, respect others, don’t kill, steal, lie, love your spouse more each day, don’t desire foolish stuff, be meek, comfort the suffering cause we all need help.

Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride.

Love always — Dad Ric


Going through the classes, watching my marriage grow in ways I never imagined because of it, and really putting my faith in a new perspective has been amazing.  Something I’ll never forget.  Ever.  Thank you to those who have helped me, welcomed me, and supported me.

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