Today – We Remember

I’ve lived in Oklahoma City all of my life.  Some might think it’s super boring and sometimes I myself think it’s super boring…..but I love it. 

I love how it never fails to give me the sense of home and family.  How I can get excited with the city when something new happens.  How I know where I’m going and the back roads to get there.  How I drive past my best friends parents house that they still live in and feel safe. 

On April 19, 1995, I was in 7th grade Math class, Mrs. Jeffries, she hated my guts.  Feelings were mutual.  I remember the tiles on the classroom ceiling being sucked up and come crashing back down and all of us hearing a really loud boom.  We were all scared and the teachers gathered us all in one room and we watched the television for a while.  So we would know what was happening.  Mrs. Jeffries and I made amends that day….

When Teddy moved here from Austin, Texas he obviously had heard about it happening but had not seen the memorial or the impact it had on our city.  Today Teddy and I live just about 2 miles from the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.  We got married at the church that sits right next to where the Federal Building once stood.  It’s a part of our life now just like it was the day it happened. 

It’s been 16 years….I’m not in the 7th grade Math anymore….but I still live right here where lives were changed for a lot of people.  Every April 19th I take a moment and I say a prayer for this city, the people in it, the lives changed, and the hope that our future will see less hate and more love. 


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