bassets who run…parents who text…and randoms

Recently my friend over at Velcro Dog sent me a link with photos of bassets running.  I was in the floor laughing.  A couple of weeks later we took our bassets to the dog park and I brought along my camera to snap some fast and hopefully funny photos of them running.  They don’t run a whole lot so good thing the camera is quick! 

It’s so disturbing and funny all at the same time!  Complex creatures they are! 


So I’m not sure anyone is EVER going to think the website WHEN PARENTS TEXT is as funny as me….I seriously was laying in my bed this morning at 6:30 AM laughing so hard!  I think it’s so my parents and that’s why it’s so funny to me!  It’s when the parents try to be so cool that I just crack up! 

Here is a sample:


Monday I watched Sloaney Girl and we had a great time!  She is pulling up on things, crawling, and standing pretty much all the time!  Such a sweet girl!  I put her to bed and she did great!  I’m getting pretty good at this…..minus her pulling the baby gate on top of her face. ACK!


I have been thinking about growing my hair out all summer (minus a few trims) and doing Lock Of Love.  Have you ever done this?  Or know someone who has?  It has to be at least 10 inches which right now would make my hair pretty short because I have some random layers going on in there.   What do you think?  It always grows back and it’s for a great cause! 


Have a great weekend and hopefully it’s nice enough to play outside in your neck of the woods!


2 Replies to “bassets who run…parents who text…and randoms”

    1. TL…I love you so much too! I don’t think it’s a buzzcut. You have to have it in a ponytail when you cut it or braid. So I would have hair to my chin or something. I mean that’s what I’m thinking anyway. I have a giant head so if I went to a buzzcut it would be really disturbing I think.

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