DIY- Mustache Cake

You just never ever know when a mustache cake might come in handy.  I think it could be used really at any occasion because it’s really hysterical and people laugh when they see one and when people laugh they are happy and who doesn’t love a happy party?!?!

When I first took charge of the mustache cake I was a little weary and originally thought I would call my local baker friend who can whip things like this up pretty quick….and then I got to the research machine AKA Google and come to find out there wasn’t a whole lot out there but I added together some ideas found and made my own masterpiece! 

First you are going to need a round cake pan.  I used a spring loaded one that you would normally use a cheese cake in (bc that’s all had at the moment).  I used a box cake mix.  You will have to bake the cake about 10-15 minutes longer than what the box calls for because the box calls for 2 8 inch rounds and you are just going to make 1 8 or 9 inch rounds for this size stache. 

When the cake is done baking.  Let it cool.  We put the cake on a cooling rack and in the fridge. 

Take it out and cut the cake in a YING YANG shape.  First make a small cut with a paring knife.  When you get your ying yang just right then take a very sharp knife (not a bread knife) and cut it to the bottom of the cake.

We then took a flat cookie sheet and covered it in fun wrapping paper.  I happened to have this wood grain looking paper I used that was perfect.  Then we laid down strips of wax paper….you’ll see why we chose strips in a minute.

Then lay the cake on the top of the strips of wax paper.  We secured the cake with skewers we cut in half by going diagonal from the top of where your nose would be if this was your big giant stache.  You can actually make the points go up or down….depending on what you like. 

We then got to icing.  If you have a crumb brush it’s a great idea to run that over the crumb parts of the cake so when you are icing you don’t get all clumped up.   The reason we did strips of wax paper is because we could just pull each out instead of having to do an entire piece of wax paper.  This part was the scariest so make sure you have someone with two spoons or spatulas holding the mustache as another is pulling out the wax paper. 

We then took the side of our icing utensil and made whisker looking things.  At this point you are going to wish you could put it on your face it’s so fun.

Wha-LA!  A mustache cake!

You could use a smaller cake pan too.  I was even thinking about trying this same technique with cupcakes!  Mini-stache cakes.  HEHEHEH!

Have a great Tuesday and happy baking!  Even if it’s not a mustache……but it totally should be.

19 Replies to “DIY- Mustache Cake”

  1. Just a note: wrapping paper is not food safe. If you are going to use it to cover something you are putting food on, you should cover the wrapping paper in clear plastic wrap. Just a tip!

  2. Going to use your idea this weekend for my daughter turning 14 who loves all things mustache (??). However, I am going to use the absolute best chocolate cake & icing recipe on the planet.
    Perfectly Chocolate Cake & Perfectly Chocolate Icing found right on the Hershey’s Cocoa can. It can NOT be beat and it’s so easy! For true chocolate loves.
    My daughter warns a piece of this cake for 20 seconds in the microwave, tops it with vanilla ice cream and declares it is better than Lava Cake … and she is a PICKY eater so it must be true. =)

  3. I always make Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate cake for my son’s Birthday,you are right it IS the best for chocolate lovers.I place mine in the freezer overnight for easy cutting because I like making four layered cakes for them.It also makes them super moist and dense imo.He doesn’t like the homemade frosting but I agree,it’s the best;)I’m glad I found these instructions though cuz I was going to purchase a mustache mold for my daughter’s 11th birthday in October who is obsessed w/ this trend,thank you=)

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