2 Daughters = Harmony

We have no children and sometimes Teddy and I will talk about how many we want, what genders we want them to be, etc.  I come from all girls.  I do have a step brother but up until that point it was just us girls!  So I’m a bit biased and would love a little girl one day.  Teddy comes from a family of boys.  Like there hasn’t been a girl in decades or something crazy like that. 

So we decided we would want one of each!  Obviously we will be blessed and happy with whatever the outcome is when that time comes. 

The reason I’m bringing up all this baby talk is because there is a new study that shows that having two daughters will lead to the most harmonious and happy family life.

Parents of four girls turned out to lead the least harmonious family life.

Here are the ‘best’ to ‘worst’ combinations of children:

  1. Two girls
  2. One boy and one girl
  3. Two boys
  4. Three girls
  5. Three boys
  6. Four boys
  7. Two girls and one boy
  8. Two boys and one girl
  9. Three boys and one girl
  10. Three girls and one boy
  11. Two boys and two girls
  12. Four girls

If you read the article it goes into why two girls are great and what about having four girls isn’t so great.  I dunno I kind of think kids are what you make them and raise them to be.

I’m sure my Mom would agree that having three girls was the very harmonious!  We had a great time! 


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