An Honest Conversation

Before you read this post you might reference this post about Teddy Ruxpin


The following converstaion happened via email between me and my very honest and lovely best friend.

From:  Spooniest To Jesse

Subject Title:  Serious Question

Spooniest:  If people say Ben looks like Teddy Ruxpin…..and they say we look alike…… does that mean I also look like a stuffed animal?

Jesse:  Are you serious?

Spooinest:  A little bit.

Jesse:  Well, I guess if you think that Ben looks like a stuffed animal then chances are people think you do as well.

Spooniest:  Awesome.

Jesse:  Is that a bad thing?

Spooniest:  Well I guess if I was going to take my pick of all stuffed animals at least he’s a cute one and at least I don’t resemble a stuffed monkey or elephant or something.

Jesse:  They say that everyone looks like an animal….so like you said a bear is pretty darn cute.


If you don’t have a Jesse in your life to ask things like this to….you really are missing out.    


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