Winter Schminter

I found a website a day or two ago and I have to share it with you.  I’m sure some of you know about it already! 

It’s SkinnyTaste  and it has tons of recipes that are good for you!  Another thing I love about it is that she puts the nutritional facts by each recipe and the pictures are great!  I love a visual aide!  

This photo is from the post about the TOP 20  SKINNY RECIPES FOR 2010!

On the sidebar you can choose low carb, Weight Watcher Point recipes, beef, chicken, etc. etc.  YOU MUST CHECK THIS SITE OUT!  I’ve been on here all day again today and am just ready to get cooking!  And eating!  I wish I didn’t love eating so much….why oh why can’t I just hate it’s guts! 


We didn’t do much all weekend.  Had a great night on Friday night with Age and Dave!  Super fun folks!  Then Saturday and Sunday we were lazy ol’ bums!  I had a walking date with Age, Em, and Jesse on Sunday but it was FREEZING here….who invited winter back?!?!?!  So we rescheduled and instead Jesse and I went and had breakfast…HA! 

My dogs sure have enjoyed this winter weather being back!  I walked into our bedroom a few days ago and Reggie had not only jumped on the bed but proceeded to get under the covers and had his head on the pillow and all!   Oh brother! 

This is our semi-new headboard….I’m going to work on the redecoration posts this weekend! 

Then I walked into the living room yesterday and Deucey was laying on his face.  Feet tucked under his body, face in the couch! 

What is wrong with these silly ol’ bassets!  Who knows but they sure do keep me laughing! 

Another thing we did this weekend was find a place/pot for our herbs we have been growing! 

We just can’t do much with them right now since it’s 40 degrees outside! 

I’m not going to lie I’m ready for Spring!  I normally have an aversion to Springtime, you can read about it here, but I just really want to get things fresh again!  I think a big rain storm brings with it so many wonderful things….as long as it’s just rain!  HA!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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