Puppy Love

Yesterday was National Puppy Day.  Please visit their site and learn how you can help with the fight against animal cruelty! 

This was my first dog Bo.  What an amazing guy he was…..climbing trees, eating a pear with me on our lawn, taking long  walks.  I was with him out by our old barn when he drifted to puppy heaven.  I was really never was the same when it came to my love for dogs after my friendship with him. 

I think some people often wonder why some other people care so much about animals when there are children suffering and orphans who need clothing and so forth….it is NOT that I don’t care about those things and am not passionate about those things too but for whatever reason I have a serious passion for dogs and those that are treated badly.

When I was dating it was like that movie “Must Love Dogs”…..I couldn’t date someone who didn’t love dogs.  When Daria and I became friends she only liked her family dog and no other….I didn’t understand it and now that she loves other dogs we are better friends! HA!  I kid.  I kid. sort of.   I think some people dislike dogs because of allergies and other real problems but I will say I think most often people are just faced with GIANT misconceptions on how dogs really are the most awesome pets ever. 

Don’t get me wrong….If you don’t like dogs….I AM SO GLAD YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!  That is the biggest problem in the animal world…people who don’t have the means to support a dog get one….then they figure out they are actual living things that require responibility….and they leave it on a country road or take it to a kill shelter which will euthanize it in less than 3 days most of the time.  Sorry to be so matter of fact but it’s the truth. 

I recently started a page on Facebook called OKCPUPS for people in my area.  It connects people and animals and really has been such a blessing in my life.  I love knowing that I am helping in some way and the feeling of making a difference in just ONE pups life is a great feeling.  Today we have 947 fans.  That’s a lot of fans in my book!  I’m so excited to be approaching 1,000 fans!  Some people have more friends than that but I only know about 100 people who are fans of this page which means there are 850 people in my area that are fans that love puppies as much as me and that just makes my day!  

SO if you are a fan….THANKS!  If you aren’t and in OKC then get busy and become one!  If you aren’t in OKC and still want to be a fan, OK!  And if you flat-out think I’m crazy join the club…..Pretty sure there is one.


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