Leprechauns and Gold Rule

I have red hair.  Someone at 7-11 has already asked me if I’m Irish.  I’m not.  I don’t know why I have red hair and not Irish….ask Jesus.

Today at work I put together (I’m an HR person) a St. Patrick’s Day party….it’s amazing!  I made green mac and cheese! 

It just looks gross it’s really yummy though!  Everyone here loves it….they could be lying I’m an HR person.  You should see all the green snacks!  It’s amazing and SO YUMMY! 

I also did a raffle and here are the prizes we are giving away….they were all HALF OFF at Target!  YAY!

The best part about today hasn’t happened yet….I’m not much of a beer drinker so instead of making green beer I’m going to make some green champagne!  Cheers to Leprechauns and Gold! 

And cheers to this guy who couldn’t be happier about life….he just looks like he’s sad….I promise! 

Hope you have a great day!


One Reply to “Leprechauns and Gold Rule”

  1. I hope I get to champagne with you! I will prob be with Matt so maybe he and Teddy can fall in love all over again.

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