Link Wink Wednesday

I thought today it would be fun to just go through some of the things that have happened to me or I’ve landed upon lately for this version of Link Wink Wednesday! 

1.  My Mom is a very girly girl.  If you show up in her presence without lipstick on you’ve broken a serious Spooniest Family Rule and she will just immediately hand you whatever color she has in her purse.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “You’ll feel so much better if you put this lipstick on”.  It’s strange but so true. 

She recently came to visit me and had these cute girly slippers in tow!  They are cowboy boot slippers!  HA!  Jesse made a very cute and valid point that they would keep my ankles very warm.  You can find some of the same brand here.

2.  My sister is a very girly girl.  If I show up in her presence without my hair brushed she just hands me a mini brush she carries with her to remedy the problem stat.  Do you see a commonality going on here….Geesh! 

I made several paper flowers for my sisters baby shower way back when and she has a hoarding problem loved them so much she didn’t want to throw them away.  First they were under Sloane’s crib and when I went over there the other day they were pinned up above the door.

Now the color of Sloane’s room is a little too pink for my liking but I did think the flowers looked cute up there. 

I saw this babies room with tissue paper flowers on Covet Garden

The same concept in a way.  I think incorporating something that is super cheap like tissue paper flowers is great….if that’s your thing!

3.  One of my new favorite apps on my IPhone is the Redstamp App.

So you pick from several different occasions and other things, then you decide if you want a picture to be in the card, and finally you have the option to email, text, or send a POSTCARD of the cute card!  I sent this one to Teddy!  I also sent one to Jesse and Daria about friendship….they both thought it was the cheesiest thing ever but I loved it!  Redstamp just all in all has some really cute stationery!  Check it out here!

4.  When Jesse and I were leaving a restaurant the other night we were parked in front of this….

We lost it!  Laughing so hard!  I myself will not be getting one or Teddy might file for divorce but still….how hysterical that cars even can have facial hair now!  Find yours at Carstache

Well that was short and sweet and not much of a link wink but it’s all I got today folks!

I hope you have a great Wednesday and tomorrow is ST PATRICK’S DAY….don’t forget to put on your green tomorrow!


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