Baby Love

No I’m not pregnant. 

But SO many friends or people I know through other people who aren’t actually ‘friends’  are!  I seriously feel like everyday someone else tells me or I read that they are pregnant.  I suppose it’s just that time in my life….for a while it was weddings weddings weddings now it’s babies babies babies….and I LOVE IT!  I have none of my own, except furry ones, and I think I’m getting a little bit of baby fever!  I love to reserch stuff online (you know this) and so of course I’ve been doing research online about baby things.  Cute ideas, cute names, birthing stories (which I think I have to stop doing because I’m scaring myself), etc.  There is nothing wrong at all with being prepared for any help my friends or total strangers might need in naming their kid or advice on birthing plans. 

Here are a couple things/ideas I’ve run across in my research that I really thought were cute!!

So you know how some people do a Sip and See for a shower once the baby is born?  Well lately I’ve been reading about HUG AND CHUG SHOWERS!  How funny is this?  I mean I get that it’s a little rougher than Sip and See but it’s DARLING!  There are a few things on the internet about them but not a whole lot to be honest.  I first heard of the idea from a blog I read and loved the cute name! 

The guys that come could “chug” some beers with the new DAD and they could hug if they wanted! 

I found this cute idea on Bakerella and I think they would be so cute to fit in with the Hug and Chug theme! 

Those are just white donut holes on top or milk bottles or latte bottles…and you could decorate them however you want if the snow man didn’t fit in with the season!


This darling TO DO LIST is full of 66 tasks to complete and stickers to show what you have accomplished!  It’s technically not for babies it’s for 10 years old and up but it’s just so cute I had to share.  The tasks are designed to spark imagination and creative thinking!   Watching the sunrise, Make a Snowman, Laugh until you cry!  I mean this to do list could be something for parents to use when the baby is little…to keep the family together doing fun things! 

Later in the year they are going to come up with one for kids younger than 10!  So fun!

The To Do List is actually from the same company who sells these darling fitted crib sheets I’ve written about before!  They allow you to measure how big your little one is getting as they sleep! 


 Those FAT ROLLS!  I die!


In a totally unrelated matter I’m going to be sleeping in a tent for the first time in my life this weekend!  Hopefully Teddy is just kidding about the stuff he packed and this will be our set up….

Looks glorious doesn’t it? 

I think Mother Nature is channeling her inner Sybil because it’s beautiful weather here now.  Blizzard one day the next it’s sunny and record highs!  Keeping us on our toes!


5 Replies to “Baby Love”

  1. bop – keep up the good work and keep researching all things baby related for me:) It does seem like so many people are pregnant. Lots of hollywood stars seem to be lately. It seems everytime i read an entertainment article someone new is with child. I thought maybe i just thought that becuase of my “condition”, but it seems you feel the same way too.

  2. I better not be considered one of those ” or people I know through other people who aren’t actually ‘friends’ ” Haha! Cute post 🙂 I love those adorable sheets!

    VelcroDog + Spooniest = Friends For Life

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