Can you believe it’s Valentine’s Day!?  Where did January go? 

Teddy and I went on a dinner date Saturday night to celebrate our Valentine’s Day at a local restaurant, Michael’s Grill.  YUM!  Something about getting in my best duds (or my latest purchase from Old Navy…HA!)  and heading out on the town with my favorite person that just makes me smile!  

And the food…well that made me smile too!  Delish and so bad for me!

Teddy also gave me the prettiest Valentine’s Day flowers ever from A Date With Iris.  So pretty and the vase they came in is a white square vase that I can use for many other things.  I love it!   He also bought me a big giant book with all the types of dogs you could ever imagine and all sorts of information about them.  I bought him a pocket knife and some camping stuff.  Perfect and inexpensive gifts for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple! 

Of course you weren’t going to get away without a Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite basset hounds ever! 

Have a happy Monday! 

XOXO- Spooniest


2 Replies to “Valentine.”

  1. I love just keeping up with your wonderful romance. Don’t ever stop doing those special things for each other no matter how old you get.
    Love you both,
    Mom G

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