Pic Post

I have a hard time not taking pictures….I just love them.  In fact my friends sort of had to do an intervention because I would bring my big camera along with me and just start clicking away…and the more wine I had the worse I got.  Things were getting weird…Papparazzi style.

In my journey to become cured I now take a lot of photos with the camera on my phone or my mini camera.   What is sort of funny is that since my friends all got totally weirded out with my Paparrazi style shooting I now take photos of their dogs….but that is a whole other weird post that I’ll do later!  HA!  I have some of them sleeping, posed with their paws on their face, and ears all fluffed up….I mean who am I!?!?!?!

It has been snowing like non-stop here.  This is the view from my office!  It’s just great…looking out there knowing when I step foot out there I’ll freeze my bum off.  Awesome.

Teddy worked from home all last week because of the snow so the dogs….slept a lot and slept a lot.  Oh and slept.

Teddy was in the Sunday Oklahoman….He was shoveling our sidewalks and this guy walked up to him and asked to take a photo….Teddy is a local celebrity (in his own mind) and so he was all for it.  What I like is that knowing this guys was snapping photos he decides to pose.  When I later asked him a question he said I would need to talk to his agent about that.  Oh brother.

I made pumpkin bread one morning when we were snuggled up inside for what felt like the 90th day!  It was pretty okay…Teddy ate it but then again he’ll eat most anything. 

We are so ready for Spring that we decided to get our camping stuff and put it in the living room and make a pretty awesome pallet while we watched movies.  It was super fun and the dogs LOVED IT!  I think this is a good sign that they will like camping….we are taking them really soon for our first trip…oh and did I mention my first camping trip too.  Yes, that’s right, I’ve living in Oklahoma my whole life and never been real camping.  Ever.  So wish me luck! 

I wore my glasses…..

Then Deuce wore my glasses. 

My sister sent me this adorable photo of my Bear Girl acting like Popeye and I missed her so much.

So we “facetimed”.  Cause we are awesome like that. 

I played my first game of Dominos and Dominated.  Yeah that’s right.

So here are my pics from my life lately…all snow related because well my life is snow related.


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