Dear 18 year old Spooniest,

I saw a post on another blog that I thought was very cool.  It was such a good idea that I thought I would do my own twist on it…..

Dear Young Spooniest,

You don’t even know what spooniest means because you don’t even know what a blog is but you will…don’t you worry my dear.  You’ll spend hours upon hours basically stalking other people through what is called a “blog”…not a clog like a shoe but a blog. 

Life is much different now almost entering your 30’s.  You’re life will change dramatically in the years to come!  You make a career out of a job you thought you were going to suck at and hate, you lose friends, you make new ones, you get married, you deal with loss and heart ache, you have some pretty rough times, but you come out on top! 

Some tips I feel I should give you now:

–  Listen really well in any type of computer class.  Those things are all the rage now and you really need to know what’s going on! 

–  Enjoy every single road trip, party, sleep over, shopping spree, tub of ice cream, glass of wine and otherwise with your girlfriends!  

Some will go but some will stay forever and ever….and you will learn that it’s not about quantity but quality with friends.

– Try harder in school.  You are actually pretty smart no matter what you think about yourself you just need to apply yourself harder!  YOU CAN DO IT! 

–  Don’t ever forget that friends come and go but family is forever…spend more time with your Grandparents….they won’t be around forever.  You will regret it otherwise….trust me.  Call you parents more!  They miss you and one day you will miss them!   JUST CALL!

–  Stop caring so much what other people think!  You’re AWESOME!

–  Stop letting Mom dress you for things.  It hasn’t worked so far and believe me it doesn’t in the future. 

This gold number she convinced you to wear around people you didn’t even know…it has shoulder pads….those weren’t cool.

–  Take care of your body better!  You don’t have the best genes young lady and you need to put down the Krispy Creme’s and Cheetos and maybe opt for an apple or something else pretty gross.  WORK OUT!  You really do love it…don’t stop loving it….or you’ll hate it….again trust me on this one! 

–  I’ll just tell you now……You will get melanoma (that’s skin cancer)….and it’s really scary and not worth all the pain and suffering… just stay out of the SUN!   

–  Pray consciously everyday.  What I mean by that is really connect and have a real understanding of what your prayers mean to you. …basically don’t just pray about fitting into a smaller size of “7” jeans….prayer is powerful for you now and will continue to be one of your daily routines!  

–  Keep your sisters and Mom close to you.  You will rely on them a lot in the coming years.  They sort of complete the puzzle when things start to feel like they are falling apart.

  –  That tatoo you think is a good idea….well it’s not.  So don’t do it!

–  I won’t tell you all the amazing things about the boy who ends up making you the happiest person ever….but I’ll tell you this…let go of all the ones who didn’t and just pray for the right one…he DOES come along. 

–  Continue loving puppies….it never stops feeling rewarding!  In fact…this guy your holding…well today is his birthday and his brothers….yep that’s right you have TWO furry children and you couldn’t be happier.  Who cares about all the people who think you are crazy for loving dogs as much as you do….IT MAKES YOU HAPPY and that is what counts!

Don’t forget to have fun….but also don’t forget to live in the present….enjoy being young and vibrant…stop to remember what your hot body feels like….laugh more and worry less….life is good and it just gets better! 


The older Spooniest


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