Faux Snow Day

Today we got 1 inch of snow and some ice….and it’s like the whole city shut down.  What I don’t get is that we have snow EVERY WINTER.  This isn’t like Louisiana where when it snows they think the end is near.  As I’m looking out my office window (GASP….yes my office is open today!) it looks really nice outside.  Sun shining, cars moving right along, etc. etc. 

My best buds, my husband, and my dogs are all at their homes sleeping, reading, watching bad daytime tv, sleeping, drinking wine, who knows but it darn sure isn’t working!  GRRRR!  And did I mention it’s sunny outside!  Can you sense the bitterness!  Yes, Jesse this one’s for you!

 So in honor of today’s “Snow Day”…I’ve put together a few things that can help you create your snow day when it’s just not all that snowy outside.  A “Faux Snow” Day if you will….

 Darling curtains to give you the illusion of a little snow in your Faux Snow windows!  

Some fake log fabric you put stuffing from a craft store in.  SO FUN!  I think a little boy or girl would love these…especially if they are let down about having a snow day without snow.  Or maybe if they are a Boy Scout or Brownie they would like them too. 

This little ditty will look great with your other snow gear!  It is rustic and viking like….so fill this bad boy with wine and go play in all the faux snow you can find! 

And lastly, in case your face gets cold and you can’t grow a beard….DON’T FRET! 


3 Replies to “Faux Snow Day”

  1. Haley. Papaw kept talking about needing a “nose warmer” and one of the ladies in thechurch made him one. I found it the other day!

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