Slowing Down

So I’m not one to make resolutions and not because I can’t appreciate a goal and go after it but I just think shorter more focused goals work best for me and resolutions seem a bit more intimidating to me!  Resolution Smesolution! 

In reading all of the other blogs about resolutions, goals, and entering a new year with new prespectives….I’ve come across one common thing we all share and that is slowing down….I think we could all benefit from slowing down!  Right?!  It might be to slow down to watch your kids laugh, or give your husband a longer kiss when he gets home, it might just be to take a longer bubble bath and have YOU time….whatever it is I’m ALL FOR IT! 

One thing I discovered recently in my readings is that January 9th through January 16th is NATIONAL LETTER WRITING WEEK!   What better way to slow down…..sit at your favorite spot in your house and write a letter!  Maybe even with a freshly sharpened NUMBER 2 pencil!  OH dear….LOVING THIS!  Write a letter to your mom, dad, neighbor, best friend…even if you talk to this person everyday what a delight it would be for them to receive the letter in the mail and know that YOU TOOK THE TIME TO SLOW DOWN and write “them” a sweet personal letter! 

In all my love for everything paper I just happen to have a couple of links to places that have the perfect something or other for you to write your very special letter on! 

Rifle Paper Co.


Etsy Shop – Missive

“To Send A Letter Is A Good Way To Go Somewhere Without Moving Anything But Your Heart.” -Phyllis Theroux


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