That’s What She Said…and my In Laws! HARDY HAR!

So there is this magical house by where Teddy and I live….and last night we took his parents (who are in town) by there to watch the spectacular show!  It’s one of those where you change your radio station to a channel and it goes along with the light show….I mean I feel like a child I’m so giddy every single time I see it! 

So anyway….this year they have this banner type thing (you can see it in the left hand corner of the video) that will occasionally scroll words across it….and for this particular song it scrolled the word “DONG” across it and Teddy’s Mom….well just watch and listen! 

After she makes the comment about the “Dong” I just blurt out “That’s What She Said”…I mean like I’m in a bar with a bunch of frat boys!  I turned bright red! 

Teddy and I kept laughing….we finally had to tell his Mom and Dad what “That’s what She said” means and we all had a great laugh! 

It’s always a really good time when they are in town!  

Cheers to explaining sexual innuendo jokes to in-laws! 



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