A Tip: Christmas Shopping for a Procrastinator

When you wait until the Monday before Christmas to really buy much of anything I’ve discovered one must be very creative! 

We will not be seeing Teddy’s nephews this Christmas.  It’s a shame too because they are cute little stinkers….but of course with my procrastination problems I failed to actually buy them any sort of toy, book, annoying presents to drive their parents crazy, etc. 

So what did I do?  I went to Walmart and decided on gift cards……

Reason 1 gift cards are cool…..because you can do whatever you want with it!  I mean his nephew could buy 17 tubs of sour cream if he wanted!  It’s doubtful but he might! 

Reason 2 gift cards are cool….because they make the kid feel like they have a credit card.  I remember when I was little I would carry around the fake credit cards that would come in new wallets.  So fun! 

Now I will tell you that all the gift cards they had left in the entire Walmart were Happy Birthday and ones with Cupcakes on them….so again a person who procrastinates improvises…..

It clearly is a birthday party for Jesus!  DUH!  So Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas Nephews!  Done and Done!


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