Does the Babysitter’s Club accept 30 Year Old Members?

So I know we all must be on the same page….At my age (very close to 30) you think it’s odd that I never really watched or babysat a kid that was as small as Sloane????  I’m right there with you! 

The things I’ve been telling myself to make myself feel better:

–  I am the youngest of 5 children

–  I was a weird kid and more weird as a pre-teen/teenager…no one was going to leave their kids with me!

–  When my other nieces and nephews were born I was sort of “too cool for babies”….I was younger and more of a punk.  I had a social life that couldn’t be compromised for some little whiny baby! 

So as I headed over to my sister house I was a little nervous.  For about a week Teddy and I talked about what we thought would be the hardest thing to do alone….both of us decided that it would for sure be the bath time. 

Looks of concern were coming from all……


I got there a little early to go over any last minute details.  Did I mention that they were only going to be gone for about 3.5 hours?  My sister said not to worry about the bath if I was nervous and left. 

At first things went great….I fed her and burped her.  And we hung out.  She got in her swing.  Then Teddy arrived…and I think because there was someone new she got a little fussy but he carried her around while I made our dinner.  We watched some baseball which she LOVES and we ate!  Eating is hard while you have a baby in your arms.  Thank goodness it wasn’t hot soup!

 We put her PJ’s on (whole other story) and then fed her the bedtime bottle and Teddy rocked her to sleep.  We sang to her and she loved that.  I think we even harmonized at one point.  Real touching….HA!  Poor kid was out like a light….I think she was just ready for some rest and for us to leave her alone. 

Kelly came home and something woke her up (her dad)….and she started crying (whaling).  Saved by the bell! 

Overall I would say that we did pretty okay.  Things I think we need to work on before we have babies….

–  Being nervous.  We just need to learn to relax and have fun.

–  Changing clothes.  Teddy held her out while I changed her pants and shirt….I’m not sure that’s how that was supposed to go.

–  Holding her in a position where she is comfy.  I guess I never realized how many ways babies like to lay to see different views and stuff.

–  Again just relaxing.  She’s just so sweet and important to me….I wanted to make sure I was doing the best thing for her and doing it right! 

I asked her if she had fun and I got this:


I’ve already told myself the more I watch her the better….so looks like we’ll be spending more time together Sloaney Bear!  I love you more than anything sweet girl! 

Please pray for my future children.


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