Tuesday Tuesday

So every year on the first weekend of December the girls in my family take a trip to THE BIG D!  That’s Dallas, Texas Y’ALL!  Although I love love love my city/state we might be lacking in the shopping department just a tad (although we are getting more and more as the days go by and I just can’t handle all the excitement) (sorry about that outburst). 

When we go we are mainly going because we love the ride down with our Starbucks and my Mom always makes these cheese and sausage balls for breakfast and lately other ladies have been adding to the mix of snacks on the way down as well….they are all delicious.  I’m getting off track. 

I really do love getting to spend time with the ladies in my family I don’t see as often and we always listen to Christmas music!  SO FUN!  The ladies in our family from the South meet us there and my Aunt JB lives there.  She’s the best part of the whole trip….she makes me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe.  I love people like that.  What a special gift! 

So today when I was thinking about this years trip I started to think about all the shops I get to visit that I don’t normally get to.  What I normally do is get online, find the things I love, and then just dream about them until I’m purchasing! 

My first stop online The Container Store.  My first love for this store is their wrapping paper and other gift storage ideas.  My other love….their GIANT “stocking stuffer” selection!  Here are just a few that I’ll be putting on my list!

Carry your hot to go cup in style….my sister will love this! 

Jesse can attest to loving this retro ice bag!  Might as well look chic if you have a boo boo!

I am often buying food and then not eating it because I don’t realize that it’s time is coming up!  These little babies make my problem disappear….all I have to do is look in the fridge and these things will tell me how many days I have to eat something before it goes bad.  You can also use them to track when to water plants and change the air filter!  Teddy will love something like this….if he knew something to eat would be going bad in one day he would BE ALL OVER THAT item whipping something up!  He hates to WASTE! 

Well that’s all I have for you today….but you should check out the fun things too!  Also take a look at their awesome wrapping paper….oh I can’t wait to wrap some presents!


4 Replies to “Tuesday Tuesday”

  1. promise me, you’ll swing by The Gypsy Wagon on Knox on your annual shopping trip! i just know you would LOVE it!! oh and call me to meet you there :)!!

  2. Ummm, I love those gift ideas. I also love you gals. I think I need to invite myself one year. I mean, JB loves must miss me too. 😉

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