What I’ve Been Up To….

I’ve been a little MIA haven’t I?  I didn’t even realize how long it had been until I looked at the date of my last post!  Time flies when you are having fun…..or at least staying busy!  To be honest I feel like all summer long we went and went and went and now things are sort of slowing down so I’m just busy doing all the things that I was neglecting on the weekends and otherwise.  Lots of home projects (I’ll post about some)…lots of catching up on work stuff…..but mostly lots of being silly and hanging out with my bear dogs, family, and friends!  Good times folks! 

First off this little lady is just as happy as a peach and makes me just melt every time we hang out.  Teddy and I get to babysit her all alone tomorrow so I’m a little worried about that but I do love hanging out with her so hopefully she will be a real darling and have minimal poopy diapers for us to change.  Did you know that Teddy has never changed a diaper? I mean we better get started on practicing these sorts of things if we are going to have kids at some point!  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with her….

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….we had a party at work to raise money and celebrate the survivors that work amongst us.  We have a couple and their stories are so inspirational.  Yes my shirt says “I love Boobs”. 


 Teddy’s Grandfather gave him his old truck a long time ago but it’s been sitting in Arkansas!  Teddy’s dad has been working really hard to get it running and in good enough shape to get it to us and finally they hauled it over here and we have it now!  Can’t wait to go on some rides with the doggies in the back and fresh produce from the Farmers Market in tow.  Or at least that’s how I imagine it!  HA!  I might even braid my hair in pigtails and wear plaid.  Gotta love a theme! The car is a really special something in our lives and I so appreciate all the hard work it took to get it here!


Just this last weekend we had a party devoted to dips.  Might have been my favorite party to date. I mean the dips were just in full effect and everyone was so happy!  Send me any good dip recipes because I think we’ll have another really soon! 

So the other night I borrowed these glasses from some guy at the local watering hole and took my picture.  I sent the photo to Jesse and said “Look at my new glasses”….she said back that she loved them and that’s what all the JCrew people are wearing.  I was kidding and I think she was trying to sabotage me.  I need to do more research on this.

Well that’s all I have for now.  I hope you all have had a great October!  Halloween is just around the corner…..we are still up in the air on what we are going to be.  We thought about being the dogs but then we though that might be too easy…..people know how obsessed we are with them. 

Are you all getting excited about all the Christmas stuff out?  I know I am!  I honestly can’t wait to start decorating!  FA LA LA LA LA!


2 Replies to “What I’ve Been Up To….”

  1. your posts never disappoint! a dip party…ummm YUM! and fa la la la la, i have a hankering for Christmas decorations too!! BAD! that truck is so fun, we’re definitely going to need to see pics of the field trips in that baby!

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