Tuesday Tuesday

So this guy has a new nickname. 

His name is Deuce but when I took him to his new vet last week the vet tech looked at him before picking him up to hoist him on the table and said “Come here MOOSE”.  I lost it!  I mean could Moose be any cuter of a name for a dog….especially of his size.  Moose and Deuce sound so much alike that he doesn’t even know the difference. 


You know what I hate?  Any type of vandalism.  I mean what is the stupid point!  Just put your spray paint cans away and let someone give you a hug!  PLEASE!  I also hate people who smash pumpkins. 

This is me behind my pumpkin at the pumpkin carving party a couple years back!

I live next to a very busy street in OKC and every year I want to decorate for Fall…MY MOST FAVORITE SEASON….and so I do but then last year our pumpkins got smashed on our sidewalk.  Poor pumpkins.  

NOT TO WORRY THOUGH….I have the most brilliant of all ideas ever!  This year I’m going to coat all my pumpkins with VASELINE!  It’s clear so you won’t be able to see it and as soon as those stupid vandals pick up that pumpkin they will drop it and get vaseline all over their sticky little hands!  HA!  What do you think?  Bad idea? 


So I know this is so stupid but Teddy and I have been married today for 150 days! 

Good times, folks.  Good times.


If you have a second watch this sweet video.  I know it looks like a cartoon but it’s from StoryCorps….where they record the people’s voices telling the story and then animate the characters behind the REAL voices and stories.  StoryCorps is a non-profit that records and preserves the stories of Americans.  This particular story touched me…..losing is so hard but loving is SO SWEET! 


2 Replies to “Tuesday Tuesday”

  1. excuse me. pumpkin carving? do you know i have hosted a “wig out” party the past 3 years in dallas? guests wear their favorite wig and just “wig out” and carve their pumpkins… or just wig out and drink lots of wine. how can i bring this to okc?

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