A Guest Post via Email

This doesn’t need much preface….just that I received this email from a friend (who we are leaving anonymous) that travels to small towns for her work.  This is one of her stories.



Subject:  bad idea but turns out durant is fun

Time stamp:  2:51 AM  Friday, 9/17/2010

i’m drunk

stayed out till 2 with the photo techs, steph and another girl who got here today who the boys are calling barbie. she came in a leopard dress and four inch heels. maybe she didn’ knwo she’d be standing up in the courhosue all day. maybe she didn’t care. but she’s nice and i like her, but i really like when the boys say “barbie is boring” b/c she’s prettier than me

she and i stopped to smoke a cig before we got on the elevator and the boys went on to bed. this is after russell bought us shots. twice. every night so far we’ve left the bar at like 10:30 but karaoke night was ROCKIN and we just couldn’t leave. so when i got off on our floor, barbie had to go on to another floor. i stepped off and was greeted with giggles. one of the boys was laying on top of the bench in the elevator lobby on our floor and one of them was laying under it. they thought they were soooooo funny waiting for me like that. they were kind of mad b/c my cigarette had taken way longer than they had anticipated and they were drunken nervous that someone else was going to get off the ‘vator and they would be there waiting and get in trouble. i was clearly hysterical laughing b/c i’ve had two shots and five or six beers. 


well russell gets a good idea, he’s gonna do a back flippish type thing off the bench. i’m against it. i’m encouraging him to just sit up and exit the bench like a normal human being.  ryan keeps yellling “but i’m under it!” b/c he thinks he’s going to get hurt during said flip. i keep telling russel he’s going to die and his wife is going to hate me, b/c i’m pretty sure he is dead meat. there’s no good way to flip off this bench. he’s adamant and gives me his phone so i can video it. ryan is pretending to cry.



i have a video of russy cracking his head on the cold concrete, and laying on the floor moaning. i’m clearly laughing, and then ryan tries to get out from under the bench and can’t. he ends up having to crawl up to a standing position with the bench on his back like a sack of potatoes, then lift it off his back and set it on the floor.  this is not a smooth process. it’s hard work and i’m pretty sure ryan was out of breath before the whole thing was done.  russell is in PAIN. the elevator beeps and we all take off running. we think we’re in trouble. i’m still videoing while chasing them down the hall to our rooms. the last footage i have is of them going in their rooms and then me knocking to tell russ i still have his phone. i go to my room and call russ b/c i think he needs some of my tyleonol. he doesnt’ answer. i go to his room and i can hear his shower is on, and i can hear gagging. i keep softly knocking till he answers the door. his eyes are bloodshot and he’s sweaty and he grabs the tylonol without saying a word. hahahahahahhahhaa. i start laughing, russ yells that he’lll brb, and ryan opens his door next door. he only opens it a crack b/c “i’m kind of in my undies” – which i can see. they are red whitey tighties and he keeps sticking his one leg out the door all sexy like. but not really. but he’s trying. i tell him russ is puking and we laugh and laugh. russ comes back and says he just finished puking and needs to chug some water. i tell them i’m worried for their health, and ask russ if he’s okay. he says “i puked, that means i have a concussion, right?” bless his heart. his head is pounding, “but i think it might have been pounding before i puked”. 

the night ends with russ giving me a key to his room in case i can’t reach him in the morning to make sure he wakes up. i hope he doesn’t b/c how much fun will it be for me to have to use it to go in and wake him up? i’ll yell at him really loud and scare him if i can.

i love my job, a LOT, even though i’m away from my comfy bed, dvr, friends and family, i’m clearly stuck in durant with the coolest guys ever. 

just wanted ya’ll to know. and the last shot i had had red bull in it. i have to be up by 7. uh oh.

love you, 


FOLLOW UP:  Russy lived.  We think.  The video didn’t make it to the cutting room floor….or so they say anyway.  I’m signed up for take your friend to work day with this gal.  SUPER FUNNY STUFF!


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