Link Wink Wednesday

This is where I give all my weekly funny/cute/lovely links a wink! 


Are you a Trekky?

Well then this zip up hoody is for you!  At first glance it is just the palm of a hand….

but unzip it a little and you are TREKKED OUT! 

Find your hoody HERE!


 I’m not a Mom so I really thought if you wanted to know how tall your baby was you would just measure it with the tape measure from the tool box…..WELL NOT ANYMORE YOU ALL!   Look at this darling crip sheet!

Plop your bambino down for a nap and watch it grow grow grow!  And look at those fat rolls….YES PLEASE!  Do those come with the baby sheet….GESH!  Find yours HERE!


This next one is so hysterical but really gross too!  It’s bacon strip looking bandages!  I love some bacon (you all know that) and when I saw these I was so grossed out but starving for a BLT at the same time! 

Find your set HERE!


If you are like me then you are a holy terror in the kitchen.  Once it’s cooked and everyone is eating it’s really great but the cooking part is the hard part for me.  This apron might be my saving grace….CHECK THIS OUT!


Get yours HERE!


Hope these links bring some happy to your face today!  I know they did mine!  Have a super HUMP DAY!  HARDY HAR HAR HAR!  I love saying HUMP DAY!


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