Montage…what a fun word

In no particular order here are the happenings of my life while on my hiatus. 

–  Did you know people race lawn mowers in El Reno?  No?  Join the club!  Daria’s fiance is racing them and we went to watch and had the BEST time ever!  I mean you couldn’t ask for a more American feeling.  Not only was there grass car (that’s the official name, duh) races going on but there was a fair and the town rodeo.  All within a square mile.  The smell of fried foods was a whipping in the wind folks. 

Below is Canes Sauce.  Have you ever eaten at a Raising Canes?  The best chicken fingers in the world and the best dipping sauce in the world….and I might be an official dipping sauce expert.  The only one near OKC is in Norman.  I went to the first OU game in Norman with my sister and not that I don’t love spending time with her in that lovely town (can you hear the sarcasm about the town not my sister)….but the chicken and sauce was sooooo great and might have been my favorite part about the game/town.  Love you Kell!

This is Sloane in her VERY FIRST CARDIGAN!  I love a cardigan and I just know she will too! 

Fantasy Football draft kicked off.  Teddy and some fellas came over for a draft party….hey guys cool laptops!  Big ol’ NERDS! 

We got a new bed.  A new headboard.  It’s a king size.  It’s amazing.  I like to lay in it. 

We visited Teddy’s parents.  Their house is so warm and parent feeling.  This is the bench and pillows in their guest room.  It just reminds me of a “mom”…and that’s always a good feeling.

We celebrated Danny’s big 30 with the B.B. King concert!  Super fun and jazzy.  I have Pretty friends!

I went to Austin for work.  It was a successful and fun trip however the hotel seemed to have a lot of channels that played Mr. Rogers.  I never realized how creepy that show is until now.  I mean when I was little I loved it when the king and Mr. Rogers had chats and the mailman came by…this time I just wanted my Mom.

In celebration of football season starting I organized “SpiritWeek” at work.  Everyday we had or did something super fun!  This day was hat day!  Represent, YO!

And finally I did a lot of this.  I put down my computer, my phone, with my TV off and I loved on my bear dogs and husband.  I just have the most blessed life….and I don’t want to miss a beat! 

Not everything that happened to cause or during the hiatus was fun…..but that’s life.  Sometimes life hands me lemons and I want to pelt people with them…..and sometimes it’s just not fair….but when I look back over time I can see just how blessed I really am.  I am no stranger to tough times but I am REALLY starting to realize that I learn a lesson from each!   Maybe making a montage is the best way to realize just how much fun life is.  YAY MONTAGES….you’re a happy thing!


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