Clearly I’ve been on a hiatus.  I’ve been going a lot, doing a lot, working a lot, dealing a lot, being dealt a lot, and being just generally tired….but super happy at the same time.  Weird how that works, right?  Couldn’t be happier about my “going” state of existence but if one more person tells me I look tired today I might respond with “Well at least I’m not permanently ugly.”  So I just better stay inside tonight.  HA! 

I have a lot of pictures (from my Iphone of course) since I don’t own A camera (not even a disposable)….ever since I got robbed.  Stupid robbers.  I hope they got gum in their hair or a serious case of number 3’s.   I’ll be posting those pics tomorrow of what I’ve been up to….an Iphone photo montage if you will.  Just try to contain your excitement with this photo of my precious Sloaney Bear!

Just wanted to say I think I’m back.  I feel like I’ve hiatused enough.  I’m ready to talk.  Good Lord help us all!


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