i have magical powers.

I live in a place that hasn’t seen rain in what feels like months but it could have just been weeks.  It’s hard to say.  I think the last time I remember it raining was July 4th.  I should also mention it’s about 30000 degrees here and basically feels like you are blow drying your hair ALL THE TIME.  I hate blow drying my hair….so therefore I have hated this place the last how many ever days it’s been. 

To my surprise I woke up on Tuesday morning to RAIN!  And him…..

I had done a rain dance the night before on my back porch….I was really hoping for some results and guess what?  I GOT THEM!  This is exhibit 1 to my magical powers working. 

Well soon after my excitement that my rain dance had worked the electricity went out.  I mean I don’t know what it is about our house but it can sprinkle and the darn electricity flickers….I guess it’s what you pay when you live in an old charming house.  So I was laying there not wanting to get out of bed and just enjoy the darkness, the sound of rain and the kisses from my favorite basset hounds….but I knew I had to do something about getting ready for work….so in all my weirdness of being me….I screamed “E-LEC-TRICITY IGNITE”….and within 5 seconds the electricity boomed on.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!  Exhibit 2.

At first I didn’t think Teddy really cared all that much but then later I heard him hobbling through the dining room chanting “My wife has special powers youuuurs doeeeesn’t!”…..so I guess he really did think it was cool. 

So that night we went out and celebrated my powers.  We had Red Bulls with vodka…thinking it might speed up whatever powers I had…..and hot ham and cheese sandwiches.  Yum!  Perfect night in my book folks. 

Oh and there were only 2 exhibits.  Nothing has happened since but I’m sure it’s because I haven’t really tried.  I’m saving it for something really cool.


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