Optimism is my mantra.

Good News:  I got a new car a few weeks ago.  We love it so much.  The bear dogs love it so much…..they have room to lay around and they can see out of the windows much better.

Bad News:  At the local watering hole for some happy hour last night and the cars window got broken out and my camera (my nice big lovely camera) was stolen. 

Good News:  This place makes soap shaped like a doughnut.  Brilliant!

Bad News:  I might have the bubonic plauge….or it could have been happy hour.  One of the two for sure though.

Good News:  I smiled because I found these boots for tots.  Here.

Good News:  I’m starting RCIA to become a Catholic….so I get to buy school supplies.  I mean they said I only need a pen but I’m going all out.  Trapper Keepers here I come!  They still make those, right?

Good News:  I found these baby deer hair clips.

Bad News:  I’m to old to wear them.  You should buy some for your kids though.

The best news:  I really love Etsy.  People are so creative and I love to see it all….I’m always thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?”.


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