Tuesday Tuesday

I need motivation to get things done!  I need a live in drill sergeant that will wake my ass up and tell me to get with it!  Not even just work out but other things too.  The last few days are like haze filled blurs to me….but that could be from the fun time at the reunion…..Fiddle Sticks I just wish it wasn’t so damn hot and then maybe I would curse less and do more!  Seriously! 

I did find this cute as can be chalkboard that would be a “GET ER DONE” reminder! 

You can get one here if you also need that kick in the rear end! 


Do you have a library card?  I had the same one until I changed my name when I got married.  My signature on the back was seriously from when I was a little kid.  The reason I’m asking is I’ve been hearing all these people talk, tweet, and social network about library cards like they just invented the place and process.  It’s just so funny to me.  I mean I guess when you are in college you visit the library a lot but when you get older not as much and then when you have kids more.  I love to go and sit and read the magazines….then that way I don’t have to buy them.  I also love the smell of books and libraries.  Really I love the smell of paper in general but in a library there is a LOT of paper!  The library in downtown OKC new and amazing….they have a great giant children’s section and a really neat section on Oklahoma history!  Check it out….


The Southern Foodways Alliance….YUMMY! 

I first found out about this alliance in a magazine I read about food that had a recipe for caramel cake…..well don’t mind if I do….

They are coming out with a cookbook in October that I will be purchasing and if you can believe this they have an interactive map of where to find the best gumbo.  Really?  Is this angel baby of a website for real? 


And lastly a little ditty from my reunion…..

My great friend Latil (not her real name) decided to put THIS PHOTO OF ME in the slide show.  First off this isn’t even high school….second my Mom made me do it…and thridly Jesse is now carrying around her copy in her purse to show anyone who might need a good laugh!  Thanks you guys!  Like high school wasn’t hard enough….now I have a mini-dominatrix photo of myself floating around….


3 Replies to “Tuesday Tuesday”

  1. I seriously doubt she still has that hat but I’m sure you can find one like it in the costume section of any adult store. 🙂
    Why did Glamour Shots find it necessary to dress children that way??? Such a funny picture!

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