Tomorrow night I get to give my high school buddies real life hugs!  Some I never get to see so I’m pretty excited! 

Spooniest via Josh McCullock

 Some people I haven’t seen since high school probably won’t appreciate a hug from me….but I’m a hugger!  When I know someone doesn’t like being hugged I hug them more….just ask Daria….so you just better watch it!

Teddy seems to be pretty excited to meet new friends and to con stories out of people about me.  I think he thinks I’m totally lying about being the sweet person I am….and was.  I’m sure someone will open their big trap about something I did and never told him.  To be honest that was one of the things that attracted me to him so much when we met….he wasn’t from here.  He didn’t know 82 people I knew.  Not that I’m hiding anything or anything….hmmmm…I’ll stop now.

Hope you have a great weekend…


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