Tuesday Tuesday

You know Tuesday is the most boring of all days.  Monday….well it’s just manic.  Wednesday….is hump day!  You’re almost there!  Thursday….is a fun night to have dinner or drinks as it is basically the weekend.  Friday – Sunday…..duh.  So that leaves Tuesday….better than Monday but still so far away from the weekend.  Poor Tuesday….I love you.

Spooniest via Josh McCullock


It’s 105 degrees outside.  Seriously.  I am actually a little scared to even go out there.  It takes your breath away….and you need breath.  I hate being hot….about as much as I hate baby corns. 

Deuce can only stay out for about 7 minutes and he’s back at the door begging to get in where he can cool off.  He’s a big ol’ tubbs.



Update on the new baby…of course I couldn’t just do a post and not tell ya’ll a thing!  She is doing great!  So sweet and super cute!  I’ve seen her everyday but one since she was born and she’s changing everytime I see her!  It’s pretty amazing!  Here she is going home! 


Have a great day you sweet people!


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