Baby Baby Baby

Tomorrow my sister Kelly (the sweet girl in the Miss Piggy)(that’s me behind her about to wack her with the wrapping paper) will deliver her first baby and it’s a girl.  I’ve been waiting a long time to meet Miss Sloane and I just can’t wait any longer! 

Kelly was a really cute kid and baby….this is the table I did at the wedding shower with her baby picture and her husbands baby picture in the left frame and then there is Miss Sloane in the right and middle frames.  Kelly is the baby on the left in the bonnet.  It’s funny because I think her and her husband looked just alike in their baby pics.  Sure thing that Sloane will be a looker!   

I’m hoping she is a chunky monkey like the rest of the babies in our family.  I take the cake as the largest coming in at 9.6 lbs.  I guess I’ve always enjoyed being a overeater.

If today and/or tomorrow you get a second please say a quick prayer for my sweet sister and Sloane.  I’ll of course post some pics as soon as I have some.  

Love,  AUNT Spooniest


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